21-Year-Old Woman, Who Claimed to be the Star of Viral easyJet Film, Confesses Preference for BA

WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT. EXCLUSIVE A model who swapped waitressing for selling saucy images of herself online has explained herself after claiming to have been caught having Sєx on an EasyJet flight to Ibiza

A young woman star has fooled a hoard of randy blokes into following her after claiming to be at the centre of an easyJet Sєx video.

Elsa Thora, 21, went fishing for social media followers and OnlyFans subscribers in response to a viral clip of holidaymakers bonking in a plane toilet.

The UK-based model from Sweden commented on one X (Twitter) post of the video from last Friday asking for credit and quipped “that’s me” in another.

Despite putting her name to the video in which a flight attendant opens a toilet door as dozens watch on, Elsa admitted to the Daily Star that wasn’t quite the case.

“I’d definitely try it myself but probably not on easyJet,” she told us. “It would have to be British Airways at a minimum.”

In the video a nervous staff member appears to psych himself up to catch the romping couple in the act, at the same time other pᴀssengers turn for a better look.

When the door is finally opened, a man is seen standing behind a woman bent over the plane loo as both of them stand there with there trousers down around their knees.

Roars of cheers are heard throughout the plane as the red-faced bloke rushes to close the door to protect what is left of their dignity.

EasyJet has since issued a statement regarding the two pᴀssengers caught at it in the тιԍнт cubicle mid-flight.

“We can confirm that this flight from Luton to Ibiza on 8 September was met by police on arrival due to the behaviour of two pᴀssengers onboard,” the airline said.

I thought the video was hilarious and brave, they must’ve still been in holiday mode, and I was shocked how much space there was in the toilet, you only live once and if that was on their bucket list then good for them

What some critics may view as a shameless attempt at growing her fanbase, has clearly done the trick for Elsa who has seen her popularity boom on Monday morning.

She explained: “I’ve had loads of follows and lots of messages which is I ᴀssume from people seeing my comments about it.”

Whether her OnlyFans subscribers will get to see any X-rated content from a plane remains to be seen, but Elsa certainly isn’t ruling it out.

She continued: “I think joining the mile high club is something everyone wants to try once. Must be due to movies or something, they make it seem really glamorous but in reality it’s an 8am flight back from Alicante.”

Earlier this year Elsa said her OnlyFans earnings were hitting £300,000 a year all the while she travels the world from Bali to Greece.

It is unconfirmed if any arrests were made. Bedfordshire Police has been contacted for comment.