Adult star thrown out of church after boys ‘pᴀssed around her explicit videos’

The porn star has opened up on one of the saddest chapters in her life – when she was trapped in an abusive relationship with a self-professed Christian but struggled to find acceptance in the church

A porn star says she was judged in church because of her career while she dated a Christian.

Leah Gotti made waves in the world of porn recently with a viral Twitter thread exposing the dark side of the Sєx industry.

But one of the saddest experiences she had was when she hooked up with a controlling partner who made her quit the business.

Talking to podcaster Holly Randall, Leah said that when it came to relationships “all the ones after I started porn were abusive”.

One man, who physically and psychologically abused Leah for an extended period, described himself as a Christian.

“I went on that talk show for the Christians,” she said. “I was actually going to church with his mom …[to a] Seventh-Day Adventist Church and he made me dress super-modestly.

“He would call me like a dirty whore all the time. I hated myself – I was even hallucinating sometimes. Whenever I looked in the mirror it would be like a different face…

“I was going to church a lot, and then one day I was walking into his mum’s room before church and I heard her and her sister on the phone talking saying ‘just don’t bring her’ you know…

“And it hurt my feelings a lot, and I asked why but she wouldn’t tell me and then she finally told me.

“Some teenage boys at the church had recognised me from the porn that [I had] done.”

Leah explained that the boys in the church youth group had been pᴀssing around explicit clips from her porn movies “and they just didn’t want me coming anymore”.

Despite protesting her innocence, Leah was shunned.

But, because of her partner’s increasingly abusive behaviour, she was planning to leave that life behind anyway.

She continued: “I was putting money in a jacket… I don’t think I was actually going to leave him, per se, but I was putting it away in case something bad happened.”

Leah says she’s found it hard to find any forgiveness or acceptance from fellow-Christians.

“Every time I like tried to come back into the church, I was basically being rejected or like made to feel like I didn’t belong there.

“My goal with that was to make people see that I am just a normal person,” she says,”just because I did porn like doesn’t mean that I’m not a good person”.