As an OnlyFans sensation and successful boxer, I’m amᴀssing wealth and can afford a fleet of Ferraris.

ELLE BROOKE is one of OnlyFans’ most prominent stars that could buy “a few” Ferraris.

Elle dropped out of the University of Southampton where she studied law to pursue a career in adult entertainment.

The 25-year-old is successful all over social media, especially on TikTok where she boasts 2.3million followers.

The Brit has also recently taken up boxing with the help of IBF bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges.

Elle made headlines after a tough interview with Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Uncensored where the host questioned the path she has taken.

Morgan quizzed her on what her future kids might thing of her x-rated career but she laughed it off and replied: “They can cry in a Ferrari”.

The adult performer has clarified that she doesn’t actually own a Ferrari but could buy a number of models with the money she’s made from OnlyFans.

Elle told TalkSPORT: “I could buy one tomorrow. I could buy a few tomorrow but I actually want to get an electric 4×4. Completely opposite.”

Her interview with Morgan went viral and she claims it boosted her fame.

She added: “Unintentionally, he’s given me the biggest platform I’ve ever had.

“I knew it was going to be tough. I knew I was going into the lion’s den, but I was up for the challenge, and it could not have gone better.

“I was just speaking to my manager about it the other day and I don’t know how we could’ve made it better. We couldn’t have. I think everything he asked me, everything I said, was amazing.

“Obviously, I’ve got tons of hate, but I’ve got so much love, too.”