Candice Swanepoel Is an Absolute Angel in Swimwear! See Her Most Incredible ʙικιɴι PH๏τos

Candice Swanepoel has been one of the most in-demand swimwear models for more than 15 years. She stays in ʙικιɴι shape all year round so that she can do a pH๏τo shoot at a moment’s notice.

The South Africa native came to the modeling world’s attention when the leggy blonde walked in her first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2007. Candice was such a sensation that she was made an Angel just three years later in 2010. As a result, she keeps in tip-top shape.

“I’m usually ʙικιɴι-ready all year round,” Candice told W magazine in 2012.

“I try to train as much as I can, as much as my schedule allows it. Sometimes I’m too tired after work, so I try to work out in the morning. Usually like three or four times a week. Or, even if I do 15 minutes of running on the treadmill or yoga at home. You know? Just something to keep it up,” she explained about her workout routine.

“If I’m on holiday, I’m active on the beach, I play tennis, I run, I swim a lot. It’s just about making the workouts fun, I think, and then it doesn’t really feel that bad,” Candice added.

Her swimwear ᴀssignments take her all over the world, but she has some favorite locations.

“Brazil, I’m totally obsessed. I’ve been going since I was 17, and the first time I went, I fell in love with it. Just the energy, and I feel alive when I go down there,” Candice told the publication, adding, “But I also love to go to St. Barts to shoot Victoria’s Secret Swim. The water is so still and amazing, and there’s a great energy there, too.”

At the time, there were three pregnant Victoria’s Secret Angels, and Candice was asked if she believed she could balance motherhood and modeling.

“I mean, it’s difficult. I have a dog and it’s like, wow. I think about the girls taking care of their business and their children and everything. It’s a lot. But you make it work, and at a certain point you long for your own family, something more than just work,” Candice revealed, “So yeah, I do think about it. But I still have a lot more to do. I’m only 23.”