Ebanie Bridges admits her boobs are ‘pretty big’ in brilliant response to fan

Ebanie Bridges has given her honest thoughts when asked by a fan just how big her boobs are – having made the most of her boxing fame and championship reign by joining OnlyFans

Boxing world champion and OnlyFans sensation Ebanie Bridges has laughed her boobs ‘aren’t small’ when asked by a fan just how big they are.

The IBF Bantamweight champion, who underwent hand surgery after stopping Shannon O’Connell back in December, took part in a fan Q&A on social media.

With many questions straying away from her successful boxing career, Bridges was more than happy to answer one particular question about her ᴀssets.

With Instagram follower putting to Bridges: “How big are you boobs?” She replied: “I’d say pretty f***ing big, I reckon.

“Or maybe just pretty big, yeah. They’re not small, are they?”

Bridges, who has a professional record of 9-1, was in attendance for Anthony Joshua’s comeback bout against Jermaine Franklin, where she posed with the ring girls.

Bridges, who worked as a ring girl before her pro career, regularly steals the show both in and out of the ring.

Having turned heads by wearing lingerie at pre-fight weigh-ins – she has also won four bouts in a row since losing to Shannon Courtenay back in 2021.

Making the most of that fame, the Blonde Bomber made the move to OnlyFans prior to her most recent bout – going on to attract a huge following.

When asked on talkSPORT how lucrative her venture has been, Bridges said: “You wouldn’t even believe it if I said it.

“It’s only been ten weeks and I won’t disclose (how much money I’ve earned), but from the second day of launching my OnlyFans I’ve been in the top 0.01% of earners.

“I don’t even know why I’m boxing, probably because I love hitting people.”