Ex-gymnast turned WWE champion has fans calling her a ‘megastar baddie’

In under three years, Tiffany Stratton has become a major star in WWE and has built up an impressive following on social media with fans constantly praising her

Tiffany Stratton’s fanbase is as loyal as they come and they continually show that each time the WWE star posts on Instagram.

The ex-gymnast only joined the sports entertainment company in 2021 but has gone on to become the NXT Women’s Championship before losing the belt earlier this month to Becky Lynch.

Regardless of her тιтle status, Stratton, whose real name is Jessica Woynilko, has become a major player in WWE as the 24-year-old only continues to build up her budding profile.

With 246,000 followers on Instagram where Stratton dubs herself ‘The Buff Barbie’ due to her bodybuilding experience as well as her love of pink, the Minnesota native is eager to show off her simply stunning figure.

She regularly poses in lingerie which does well to rile up her followers that show their appreciation in her comments section.

In one of her recent posts that she captioned: “I’m on the tiffy top of the world” one fan labelled her: “Sєxiest woman alive” while another claimed that she’d be the: “Future GOAT, no doubt” as a third dubbed the blonde bombshell a: “megastar baddie”.

Stratton’s past prior to WWE revolved around being a trampoline gymnast and she admitted in an interview with Under the Ring host Phil Strum, one wrestling move she saw revealed how her skills in gymnastics could set her up for a future with WWE.

“I was a gymnast up until I think it was 19 or 20 years old,” Stratton said. “I kind of saw wrestling on TV. I always knew about it; my brother and my dad would always watch it growing up. I never really got into it until later on.

“I was still a gymnast and I saw SmackDown on my TV one day flipping through the channels with my family. And I saw it and was immediately like, ‘wow that’s so cool, I feel that’s a lot of the things that I can do.’

“I saw Charlotte Flair doing her corkscrew moonsault out of the ring. I saw that and was like, ‘that is so cool, I can totally do that, I do that on the trampoline like every day’.”