Farting OnlyFans star tells ‘disturbed’ pal to ‘enjoy the smell’ inside £18 jar of gas

Hong Kong OnlyFans star Kiki selling jars of her own bodily gᴀsses and dirty bath water too – an industry that has baffled and disturbed her friend, who was given a free sample

A top OnlyFans model has left her friend baffled and disturbed after giving her a fart in a jar as a present.

Kiaraakitty, from Hong Kong – or Kiki on social media – has been raking it in by selling her own bodily gas in nicely wrapped jars to desperate fans.

And she has been calling them “Scents and Stuff”.

The odd items are available to buy on her website for a shocking £18 (or $20 if you’re from the United States).

But she appeared to give one of her first items away for free, to fellow model and friend Jade Rasif.

The Singapore DJ, who has more than 500k followers on Instagram, was filmed getting one of the gifts from Kiki and opening it.

Posting it on Instagram, she looked very baffled, and had the caption: “WTFFFFF THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE BUYING THIS IS INSANE.

“I’m astounded and disturbed by y’all.”

And another video shows Kiki handing it to her friend and saying “enjoy the smell”.

The sale of the fart-filled-jars has baffled social media as well has the model’s friend.

One person wrote: “I pray your future bf isn’t crazy enough to buy your bath water.

“Let’s hope you never meet someone that did buy it.”

And another posted: “That is hella gross. Anyone that buys bath water/farts is so down bad bruh (sic).

“I don’t know how someone would want that.”

It is not the first time Kiki has caused controversy.

Earlier this month she received a ban for streaming site Twitch after suggestively eating a sausage while dressed only in her underwear.

She was visiting Taiwan at the time of the ban, and had been out in public in the outfit while posting various tourist snaps from around the Asian country.

Tweeting afterwards, she said: “Taiwan sausages are so yummy thank you everyone for being there today!”

The automated Twitter account StreamerBans, which provides updates of people who get banned from streaming sites, tweeted out: Twitch Partner “Kiaraakitty” (@kiaraakitty) has been banned!

Her Twitch channel now simply reads: “This channel is currently unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

It appears that the streamer sH๏τ a video of her in her bra while eating a sausage while out and about in Tapei, Taiwan’s capital.

Owning to many of its users being teenagers and children, Twitch has strict policy on nudity and Sєxually suggestive content.