FIERY LOOK Glam model dazzles in daring new dragon skin duct tape ‘ʙικιɴι’ that shows mega side bum

The trend for body tape is showing no signs of slowing down

AS the trend for outfits made out of tape still goes strong, a new shade has been released which will likely be at every festival this summer.

Black Tape Project, behind the rise in popularity of the skimpy designs, teased a new colour on their Instagram page.

Alongside a model wearing an outfit made entirely of dragon tape, which costs £23.23 ($29.99) per roll, they said: “All new dragon tape is back in stock.”

Named after the mythical creature, the shimmering yellow-and-green hue joins unicorn in blue and mermaid in pink.

Describing the new colour on their website, they said: “You’ve seen us on social media and you’ve seen us in the news.

“Now it’s your turn to unleash your creativity with our metallic body tape.

“Introducing our brand new Dragon Body Tape from our upcoming Fable Collection.

“This metallic tape combines multiple tones of amber, green and gold.

“It’s only fitting that we call it a Unicorn!

“Each roll of our 1″ Body Tape is 10 yards long, completely non-toxic and does not leave any adhesive residue on the skin behind.”

People have been praising the look online, with the post racking up thousands of likes.

One person commented: “I really like this tape.”

Another said: “Omg I need.”

While others called it “spectacular”.

At one-inch wide, the makers recommend using two rolls to replicate a full “bodysuit” look.

And despite the tape being used to create swimwear looks, the makers confirm it’s not actually waterproof.

They added: “[It] will come off in water or excessive sweat.

“Although our tape is safe for the skin we recommend not being in direct sun exposure for an extended period of time as there is a possibility you might receive some interesting tan lines!”

The daring fashion trend has raised some eyebrows, as the tape used in the ʙικιɴιs isn’t waterproof.

And the outfits seen at Miami have been billed as the most daring yet.

While the trends is still going strong and shows no signs of stopping in 2019.