Florence Pugh turns heads with her eye-catching red slit dress, showcasing her stunning leg

HERE’S a thigh-light from film star Florence Pugh’s new pH๏τoshoot.

She showed off a leg as she wore a revealing red dress for the October issue of Elle UK.

Stylish Florence, 27 — who was in Don’t Worry Darling and Oppenheimer — also wore a bright yellow outfit.

She says: “I think I’ve always been interested in wearing loud clothing.

“When I was a teenager, I would buy the most outrageous things and sew them together.

“I’ve always loved colour. I’ve always wanted to be bold and make a bit of a scene – I don’t think that’s gone away.”

She is due to receive the British Icon gong at Elle’s Style Awards next week.

Earlier this year, Florence was left open-mouthed as she encountered a sea of giant posters of ­herself wearing a black ­leotard — at a busy airport

She was taken aback by images from Italian fashion house Valentino’s new campaign in Rome.

Brit Florence said she and a pal were “welcomed by this array of Pugh faces”, adding: “We both grabbed for our phones to video as it was nuts.”