‘From a Strict Religious Cult Upbringing to Constant Recognition for My Adult Career’

EXCLUSIVE: Adult worker Jenna Starr grew up in a strict Christian community in California but her life is now much different and she’s always getting recognised by fans in public

An adult star revealed she is harᴀssed in H๏τels and chased on the street because she is recognised everywhere she goes.

Jenna Starr was nominated for the ‘H๏τtest Newcomer’ at the 2023 AVN Awards but she is still getting used to attracting unwanted attention.

That’s because her upbringing – where she was prohibited from talking to people outside church – was a complete contrast to her current life.

She was even banned from listening to non-Christian music as a girl which she described it as being cult-like.

Her loved ones and fellow worshippers expected her to only lose her virginity after marriage but two years ago she became a porn star.

Jenna is now constantly spotted by fans as she told Daily Star: “It is very weird…

“I can see when people recognise me but they won’t say anything. They just have this sparkle in their eye or this nervousness or little smirk or smile.

“But then for me the paranoia sets in. I turned off my DMs on all my platforms. That’s because I would get messages saying ‘I saw you at this Mexican restaurant in New York’.

“The last time I was in New York I was being spotted so much and it definitely makes you paranoid.

“I had those messages turned off because it just makes it worse. I go somewhere and in the back of my head I’m like is someone going to know me? Are they going to be rude? Will they be nice?

“I don’t know what they will do or if they will follow me to my car.”

Asked whether anything sinister had ever happened, Jenna was quick to say yes.

She described: “I’ve had scary stuff like when I was at a H๏τel and I got a note under my door which I think I still have.

“It was like something about them being in Starbucks and they couldn’t come say hi but they told me the H๏τel room they were staying in if there was anything I needed.

“I figured it was someone who worked there because I usually watch my back when I go to my room because I’ve been chased and followed before so I am always looking to see if someone will notice where I go into.

“I will walk around in circles at a H๏τel just to make sure if someone is following they won’t know where I’m staying.

“The note incident was someone who worked there because the next morning I went to get coffee and this guy was like ‘hey I hope my note didn’t freak you out’ and he did work there.”

Jenna, now 33, left her sheltered Christian life in California behind when she went to Texas to start her own cosmetology business.

She was making six figures within months but it all collapsed during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Soon Jenna was making a name for herself on OnlyFans before big porn companies approached her.

Now she’s featured in Playboy and she her rise to stardom has won over her conservative family members.

Speaking to us last week, where she revealed her Christian childhood made her cry with shame after Sєx, she said: “I am the most financially stable and secure person in my family so no one can really say anything.

“I’ve gained the respect from my family members because they’ve seen me as this business trailblazing woman and I made all my plans come true.

“My younger self would be shocked about where I am now but also very proud.”