From High School Dropout to Earning £10,000 Weekly: My Journey from Fish and Chip Shop to Success

AN influencer has revealed how she went from working in a fish and chip shop to raking in £10,000 a week.

Amber, from Brisbane, Australia, dropped out of school at just 16 and started pursuing her dream of becoming a flight attendant.

But the Covid pandemic scuppered her career hopes and the 22-year-old instead set her sights on becoming a model.

After leaving school and quitting her job at a chippy, Amber started working for a modelling agency.

But she soon became frustrated as the company would take 50 per cent of her earnings.

Amber then took the leap to self-promotion of social media – and soon started earning big, reports the Mail.

She started up an OnlyFans account, and the requests soon began pouring in.

Amber has thousands of monthly subscribers and has made more than £260,000 in less than a year.

The school dropout now claims to earn between £5,000 and £11,000 a week.

She told the outlet: “OnlyFans gives me the freedom to live my life exactly as I please.

“I can work whenever I want, and I always have a consistent income.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be able to book a cruise one week before the trip just because I’m bored.”

Meanwhile, a mum gave up her stable day job to pursue her secret OnlyFans side hustle.

Vanessa James, 32, from Texas, worked seven days a week as a waitress – but now bags up to £48,000 a month after switching to adult content creating.

And another woman revealed how she went from working in Subway to becoming a homeowner at 19 after joining OnlyFans.

Jasmin, from Auckland, New Zealand, made the swap after being heckled with inappropriate comments while working at the fast-food restaurant as a teen.

The content creator then made the move to the adult entertainment industry as this allowed her to “take the power back” and reject unwanted male objectification.

Jasmin admitted that she has always found the flexibility and freedom of using her Sєxuality to make money attractive, so this was a career move she was ready to make.

Now, the 20-year-old is one of the biggest OnlyFans creators on the platform and the owner of an adult entertainment agency called Thumper.

After signing up on a whim to make some extra cash, Jasmin made a mega £1,000 in her first month on the platform.