Georgia Harrison reveals she has finally regained her self-ᴀssurance following her traumatic experience

GEORGIA Harrison has admitted that she’ll “never be the same person” again but said she has finally rebuilt her confidence following her revenge porn nightmare.

It comes after reality star Georgia, 28, made history last week after the government announced a change in revenge porn laws.

Georgia’s disgraced ex Stephen Bear is currently serving a 21 month prison sentence for voyeurism and sharing a Sєx tape.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun about the ordeal, Georgia said: “I always say victims of image-based Sєxual abuse, it’s very similar to a grieving process, as if you lose a friend or family member.

“The emotions really do come on in waves – it’s really important to acknowledge how you’re feeling and understand that it’s completely natural but also know that it will pᴀss because all things do pᴀss with time, you’ve just got to be patient with yourself.”

The ex-Love Island star admitted that she is back on track after taking some time to rebuild her confidence and mental health.

The media personality explained: “I’ll never be the same person as I was before, these things definitely do change you.

“But humans are constantly evolving at each stages in their life, no matter what sort of pushes them to be a new version of themselves, so I definitely don’t feel I’m the same person as I was but I feel really really confident and happy in myself and happy with the stage in my life that I’m in.

“It’s made me stronger and more resilient – it’s like anything in life. You can pick what life throws at you but you can pick how you handle it and everyone can handle situations how they choose to.”

Georgia – who previously opened up about how her Sєx tape hell had taken a toll on her mentally – said she is in a much better place now.

She continued: “I will speak to certain therapists but I do prefer holistic methods of healing.

“Everyone should try a therapist at one point in your life.

“Mental health is so important to me and it should be for everyone else -I literally treat my mental health like I do my physical health, so, I’m always working on it.

“It’s not something that I forget and I try to limit my screen time and social media usage but it’s difficult in the industry that I’m in.

“If I feel myself getting a bit frustrated and burnt out – I will put it down, go for a walk, do yoga and do something to be around nature and the present moment and just know that nothing is more important than my mental health.

“If you don’t recharge yourself, then you can’t really achieve anything in life.”

Georgia – who has teamed up with Superdrug’s for their new You Before Yes campaign – said she understands that some victims of Sєxual abuse may struggle with trust issues and may fear they are being judged.

She said: “I definitely think it has had a knock-on effect on your dating life, as you’ve always got that looming over you of ‘do they know?’ and if they don’t know and I tell them, will they think differently about me?

“If they do know..what’s their opinion of me? Is it going to affect it? And affect whether or not they take me seriously?

“I think everyone struggles with these sorts of things, but you have to know that it doesn’t define me or change me as a person.

“If it was the other way round and I was to date someone who’d been put into a position that they didn’t wish to happen.

“I wouldn’t judge them or look at them any less.

“So anyone who uses that as a reason to look at someone as less, isn’t someone you want to date anyway.”

The ex-Towie star said that speaking openly about her traumatic experience has left her subject to some online trolling.

“When you’ve got a big following an you’re in the industry that I’m in, then you’re use to being trolled an also having messages that you didn’t want fall into your inbox,” Georgia explained.

“I’ve grown a quite a thick skin to that an I genuinely just see them as lost souls spewing out negativity, they’re the people that need help – nothing they say really phases me.

“I think when you do anything that’s publicly spoken about, you’re going to be judged by a small minority of people but I genuinely feel that most of my followers are positive.”

Georgia said she feels empowered to be able to give a “voice” to those in the same position as her.

“Superdrug’s have given me an opportunity to voice something I am so pᴀssionate about on a huge scale,” she said.

“They are talking about it in all their shops, they’ve put it on the condom packets, it’s opening up conversations about consent.

“It’s really rewarding to know that it’s having an impact.”

TV personality Georgia was among those to call for a change to the legislation.

It will now be easier to prosecute people for sharing revenge porn after a change in the law in England and Wales.

Revenge porn was criminalised in 2015 but before now prosecutors had to prove there was an intention to cause humiliation or distress, but laws introduced on Tuesday will remove this clause.

The sharing of intimate images without consent will now carry a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment.

“The reforms to the law that have been pᴀssed today are going to go down in history as a turning point for generations to come and will bring peace of mind to so many victims who have reached out to me whilst also giving future victims the justice they deserve,” she said.

After Bear was jailed, Georgia admitted she nearly died fighting him for two-and-a-half years — and will now sue him for destroying her career.

Brave Georgia has previously spoken out about the hellish two years she experienced after Bear shared the video on OnlyFans.

Her shocking documentary Revenge Porn: Georgia Vs Bear aired back in March on ITV2, and she told The Sun she nearly died fighting him for two-and-a-half years.

Stephen filmed consensual Sєx with Georgia on CCTV in 2020 then made at least £40,000 on OnlyFans from uploading the clip.

He was also placed on the Sєx Offenders Register for ten years and was slapped with a five-year restraining order banning him from contacting Georgia.

Leading UK high street healthcare retailer Superdrug launches the UKs most comprehensive campaign to tackle the important issue of Sєxual consent, led by campaign ambᴀssador Georgia, and launched in partnership with leading UK charities, Brook, Fumble, UK Says No More and Switchboard.

The You Before Yes Campaign provides information, education and support to  improve people’s understanding about consent and help develop more positive consent behaviours.

It delves into the crucial, but too often overlooked world, of consent to open up important conversations about what consent actually means, helping people feel informed and empowered to find their voice and take positive action.

Superdrug is rolling out consent-warning messages onto the packaging of its Own Brand condoms, to reinforce the importance of seeking consent before anything else happens.