I busted my boyfriend funding a secret second family with my cash

This isn’t the extended family she was hoping for.

A former nurse revealed her ex-boyfriend was using her money to pay for a secret family. Now, she’s forced to join OnlyFans to make her money back.

Dara, 37, learned through Facebook that her former beau had another girlfriend who was eight-months pregnant — after moving across the country to be with him in New York.

“We were about to go and meet his mom, who lives abroad, and I went to follow her and noticed she was ‘friends’ with a profile of his that I didn’t know about,” Dara, who now lives in Brooklyn, told Jam Press. “When I clicked on this alternative profile, I saw pH๏τos from a baby shower for his other girlfriend.”

“I was so shocked, hurt and angry,” she added.

But her living expenses were hard to meet after ditching the two-timer, and she soon found herself getting creative with ways to pay bills. Eventually, she launched her OnlyFans account — which also doubled as a way to show her ex what he was missing.

Within her first month, she made a whopping $30,000, which was equal to her yearly salary as a nurse.

Now, her nearly $500,000 salary can be chalked up to surviving her dirtbag ex.

“I have a lot of pride and decided to just figure my financial situation out, rather than let a man take advantage of me,” she said. “When I fell into debt, I ditched him, then got rid of my car, which was a money guzzler, and started an OnlyFans.”

At first, she built a “personal relationship” with her fans, posting behind-the-scenes images from pH๏τo shoots — and she “couldn’t believe” the cash she raked in.

“I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to post whatever makes me as much money as possible,’ and now I’m debt-free,” she said. “For the first time, I can actually save money.”

After 13 years in health care, Dara ditched her former life for a raunchy one, yet she doesn’t regret a thing, nor does she plan on returning to nursing anytime soon. While she loved watching patients “grow and go home” from the newborn intensive care unit, also known as the NICU, it also became difficult to deal with emotionally.

“The job started to take a toll on my mental health, as being a nurse is emotionally taxing when you work in the intensive care unit, and I wasn’t making enough to make ends meet,” she said. “I don’t regret my decision.”

Her new career path might be working out a little too well, since her ex-boo still tries to contact her since she launched her OnlyFans.

“He still contacts me to this day, but I’ve blocked him. “I want nothing to do with him.”

But Dara isn’t the only one turning to OnlyFans for a new source of income. Raunchy internet stars — who were once living paycheck to paycheck — are cashing in on their looks to turn their lives around, too.

One woman went from living in her parent’s basement to earning six figures with the help of the exclusive platform, while others use their unique looks — which they were once bullied for — to their advantage.