I ditched my Costa job to make £25,000 a month from OnlyFans after people noticed I look like Megan Fox – but I work until 4am and there’s a lot of admin

An OnlyFans model has ditched her Costa Coffee barista and Amazon van driving jobs to make up to £25,000 a month – thanks to her resemblance to Megan Fox.

Taylor Ryan, 25, from Exeter, Devon, started posting on OnlyFans five years ago when she was a van driver and worked as a barista for a café chain.

Friends and fans started telling her she looked like Megan Fox and she quickly started to emulate the actress’ winged liner and leather wardrobe.

The beauty then decided to start emulating the American actress on the site full time in 2020.

One fan even paid her $300 (£250) to film herself opening a car bonnet in a bra and denim H๏τ pants – just like the iconic 2007 Transformer’s scene by Fox.

Taylor now coaches other OnlyFans models how to profit and gain a niche in a saturated market.

Taylor said: ‘It’s kind of laughable when I say I look like Megan Fox – I mean it’s Megan Fox.

‘But people on TikTok started saying it and commented on my posts.

‘Once the comments started coming in, I started wearing my hair extensions more and wearing a cat eye.’

Taylor soon emulated Fox’s wardrobe by dressing in ‘тιԍнт and booby’ clothes.

Now most of her requests are Transformers related as Megan starred in the popular flick.

She added: ‘My customers pay PPV – pay per view – and for one time requests.

‘Once someone requested for me to wear the same outfit Megan Fox wears – a bra top and short denim shorts – to bend over the bonnet and open it. They paid $300.

‘A lot of them are just for me to sit in a car topless and play with my boobs.’

According to Taylor, she spends nine hours a day working and there is a lot of admin.

She said: ‘My favourite part of the job is getting ready and seeing the look come together.

‘I put my music on and have a coffee on the go, the glamming up part makes me really happy.’

Taylor revealed she earned £25,000 in December 2022 and now makes a six figure yearly salary.

For the creator, the late nights and constantly being switched on are the harder parts of the job.

She said: ‘The late nights, they suck. It’s the feeling you already have to be on it or have to stay somewhat engaged to the page. Sometimes I stay up until 4am.’

She has always been very open with her friends and family about what she does and they have supported her every step.

She said: ‘They know everything – I’m very open. I’ve always been destined to be a performer.

‘When I was 16 I used to watch the Playboy mansion – it would be the dream to go in.’

Taylor hopes to stay in the Sєx industry but eventually as more of a coach and mentor figure.

She said: ‘I created [my company] SX creators to teach creators how to be successful on OnlyFans.

‘It shows them how to do social media marketing and how to be a creator.’