I hated my 34HH boobs as no clothes fit me & men stared… but then they paid off my family’s £130k debt

A WOMAN has revealed that she hated her 34HH boobs until they helped her pay off her family’s £130,000 debt.

Amy Sophia, 27, felt embarrᴀssed when people stared at her sizeable chest and was even raising money for reduction surgery when she changed her mind.

Recalling the awkward years of growing up with her figure, she told The Mirror: “I woke up one day when I was around 15 and it’s almost like my boobs just grew overnight they were huge.

“I slowly began to dislike them as they grew bigger and bigger. I felt like I struggled to hide them and people would stare a lot.

“I would avoid certain exercise at the gym and I’d find it hard to buy clothes as they didn’t fit or I worried that everything just looked too slutty on me.”

In adulthood, Amy, from Leeds, Yorkshire, was stuck in a “vicious cycle” of payday loans but got back on firm financial footing after signing up to OnlyFans.

She explained: “I’ve got such bad posture because of how I used to always slouch forward to hide my boobs because when I kept my back straight it made them look even more prominent and I hated that attention.

“Now the stares and comments don’t bother me. I know they are just jealous or have body issues, they obviously aren’t happy in their own skin.

“I always wanted a champagne lifestyle on a Coca-Cola budget. I went on foreign holidays and always bought new clothes.

“Because of the high interest on payday loans, I was stuck in a vicious cycle.”

After starting up on the x-rated site, she went from earning £8.50 an hour as a spa therapist to raking in £40,000 a month by selling raunchy content online.

Best of all, she was able to pay off her own £30,000 debt and the £100,000 owed by other members of her family.

The model, who now views her large breasts in a different light, said: “Helping my family to be debt-free was the first thing I did with the money. It took about four or five months before I started earning big before I could do it.

“Mum was so grateful. She fully supports what I do and she always has from the start. The people who are important to me in my family have been supportive and that’s all that matters.

“I’m so lucky I have such an understanding family behind me. I love them so much.”

Amy added: “The positive attention really changed my mindset. I realised a lot of the guys on there love my boobs and now they are my money-makers.”

She now enjoys the “champagne lifestyle” of her dreams, spending her hard-earned cash on fine dining and clothes.

Luxury trips are also on the bucket list, with holidays to Mexico, Las Vegas, Rome and Thailand already under her belt.

Amy explained: “I’ve always wanted nice things and to do the finer things in life.

“Now I can live the life I’ve always dreamed and wanted so badly.

“I do what I do for money, which gives me freedom and freedom is everything to me.”