I make $100K a month looking like Jessica Rabbit — men have a fetish for cartoon characters

She’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way.

A model who claims to be the “real-life Jessica Rabbit” says she earns up to $100,000 a month by dressing up as the sultry cartoon character on OnlyFans.

Maite Sasdelli, 24, says she’s gained hundreds of horny subscribers who remark on her similarity to the animated Sєx symbol made famous in the 1988 flick, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”

“Jessica Rabbit is Sєxy, poised and very feminine,” Sasdelli said in an interview with Jam Press on Tuesday.

“I’ve always loved the character, she’s everything I admire in a woman,” she added. “I always wanted to be like her.”

The racy redhead, who won Brazil’s “most beautiful vagina contest” in 2021, says she currently has multiple boyfriends on the go — and they’re all huge Jessica Rabbit fans.

“My partners love that I’m super similar to the character,” Maite declared. “I can say that my love life has improved a lot, I’m treated like a princess.”

While Sasdelli is making a fortune from her kinky content, the bombshell says she’s splashed the cash on an array of racy red dresses in order to resemble Jessica Rabbit.

Indeed, in a series of images shared with Jam Press, the Brazilian is seen imitating the character by donning a low-cut sequined gown, red stilettos and purple gloves.

The redhead even had her makeup resemble Jessica Rabbit’s, sporting smoky purple eyeshadow and thick black mascara.

Ever the inventive entrepreneur, Sasdelli has also found other creative ways to make money.

The beauty previously tried to auction off her virginity for more than $100,000 after having an operation to reconstruct her hymen.

She also told Jam Press that she had undergone a nymphoplasty, a procedure that corrects the excessive size of the labia minora, to please her ex-boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Sasdelli isn’t the only stunning woman to earn comparisons to Jessica Rabbit.

Last year, “Euphoria” star Sydney Sweeney was compared to the cartoon character after she donned a bright red dress for a film festival appearance.