I make $245K as the 6-foot-1 ‘Sєx Giantess’ — but can’t get a real-life date

This 6-foot, 1-inch stunner has taken her career to new heights — but she’s still being short-changed in the bedroom.

A British woman known only as Penny says she raked in a whopping $245,000 last year on OnlyFans — by tapping into subscribers’ “Sєx giantess” fetishes.

However, the single mom of two, 34, says her Sєx life has suffered since she became a cyber star and she has now been celibate for six months.

“I have to admit I find that OnlyFans is a mᴀssive obstacle if you want a serious relationship,” Penny told Media Drum. “It definitely gives a certain impression and causes a lot of jealousy.”

“I’ve now stayed single since October and definitely find it much easier that way,” the leggy beauty added. “It’s a little ironic that as a Sєx worker I haven’t actually had Sєx in six months.”

Penny told the outlet that she has long been bullied for her height, and was left insecure by the fact that she towered over many men.

“As a 6-foot, 1 inch blond I have been Sєxualized and hit on since I was 13,” she candidly admitted.

The mom trained as an occupational therapist but said she would never be able to pay off her debts on a $20,000 salary, so she turned to OnlyFans.

“There is a mᴀssive fetish out there for tall women,” she explained. “It’s my height that stands out and makes me unique, if I wasn’t so tall there is no way I would make so much money.”

“I make a lot of money through tips and requests on giantess content,” the kinky content creator further stated.

Penny revealed that she often gets role-play requests from paying subscribers that revolve around her height.

“The most popular are custom role-playing videos where I am growing and they are shrinking,” she revealed. “They want to be kept in my shoe, boobs or bum most of the time, crushing them.”

The beauty’s popularity on OnlyFans has made her more confident about her height and says she’s happy to sacrifice love if it means making a huge six-figure income.

“I do worry it could affect the possibility of attracting the right person for me in the future but I’m quite content being by myself with my two beautiful daughters making a lot of money,” she stated. “OnlyFans has definitely grown my confidence, I feel more empowered than ever.”