‘I Prefer Dating Older Men Earning a Minimum of £192k – Ensuring Financial Stability in My Relationships’

Model, Chloe Amour, 32, from Los Angeles has revealed her strict list of dating dos and don’ts to weed out unsuitable men – like being able to match her annual income

A model says she’s refusing to date anyone who earns less than £192k – and that’s not her only strict rule.

Chloe Amour, from Los Angeles, US, has no shortage of men who fall at her feet.

But has given herself a strict list of dating dos and don’ts to weed out unsuitable men..

Her criteria for worthy suitors includes someone who is Sєxually experienced and able to match her impressive annual salary.

The 32-year-old content creator has also revealed that she is no longer open to anyone “closed-minded” and instead often opts for more mature, older men.

On her list of ‘must haves’, she revealed being a “good kisser” was as important, as emotional intelligence, meanwhile, her turn-off list included “dishonesty”, “bad hygiene” and “too much partying” as certain dealbreakers.

Finances are also key, with the star raking in £16,000 ($20,600 USD) per month online – adding up to £192,000 a year.

“Financial security is a big one for me and some people judge me for it,” Chloe, who has 984,000 followers on Instagram (@realchloeamour), told ɴuᴅᴇPR.

“I didn’t come from money and my mum struggled trying to raise me and my sister alone, so if the guy I’m dating doesn’t make an equivalent salary to me or more, then I won’t even consider him as a potential suitor.

“This isn’t the only thing that is important to me, but it’s at the top of the list.

“I want to make sure who I settle down with has enough income where they can provide for themself, for me and a potential family we would start together.”

Chloe also prefers older men as “men take a longer time to mature”.

“I don’t look out for older divorced men but prefer he hasn’t been married or has kids,” she said.

“I like someone who is confident, independent and very driven.

“I don’t go based on looks first, I need someone who is smart, funny and spiritual, someone I can learn from and teach me things but is also willing to learn from me.

“Someone who doesn’t judge and is understanding and someone who is Sєxually experienced is a must.”

For Chloe, the need to release a list of “dos and don’ts” when dating came after some particularly bad experiences while playing the field.

She said: “I remember being on a date where the guy got super drunk and sloppy at the place we were at, I got recognized while all this was happening.

“It was so embarrᴀssing because the guy that I was on a date with ended up getting kicked out of the venue, but I stayed and hung out with my ‘fans’ for the remainder of the night.

“Another person I casually dated turned out to be a mooch and a liar.

“He tried to get me to pay for everything and said he would pay me back but never did.”

For anyone looking to woo the model in real life, Chloe advises to stay away from dating apps.

“I’ve only tried a couple of apps (Bumble and Tinder) for fun or when I’m bored but just seems like the guys on there aren’t very physically attractive or they’re insecure,” she added.

“Mostly, I want a good listener and communicator, someone who makes me feel wanted and feel safe.

“Someone who can own up to their mistakes and admit when they’re wrong.

“If I’m being picky about looks then I like guys who have dark features and are tan.

“I prefer brunettes and guys who work out but aren’t too muscular or bulky. Clean shaven and their hair can’t be longer than mine.”