‘I slogged at Tesco for peanuts – now men oink and pay me fortune to call them piggy’

EXCLUSIVE: An OnlyFans star who used to struggle to afford food while grafting in Tesco has spoken about some of her most outrageous requests on her steamy OnlyFans account

A former Tesco employee turned OnlyFans model has opened up about some of her wildest requests on the kinky subscription site.

Madison Blue has been stripping off online for over a year after barely surviving on her not so super supermarket zero-hour contract.

The Manchester babe has gone on to buy her own home and has enjoyed profits of up to £2,500 a day.

But some of her subscribers have slightly more bonkers kinks than others, and she spoke about them with the Daily Star.

The 24-year-old said: “This is quite a weird one… I have this one person who subscribes to me and they just want me to call them a piggy and he wanted to pretend to be a pig and he made these pig sounds.

“It was quite weird, like what is he doing? Obviously everyone likes their own thing so I never judge anybody but that is definitely an odd one.

“I do lives on OnlyFans and he will come on a cam with me and he will pretend to be a pig and he dresses up in a pig face mask.”

Madison charges £10 a minute on her one to one video calls and she believes the pig man spent 15 minutes on the phone to her – setting him back £150.

But that is meagre money when you consider how much another subscriber paid Madison for a peculiar demand

The man is hugely turned on by sloshing, which involves using your favourite foods during Sєxual acts.

“I’ve had a few of those,” Madison said. “They ask you to sit in the bath and then pour custard all over yourself.

“Usually it’s things like custard or beans. You don’t have to be naked either and you can be fully covered.

“One guy paid me £1,000 to do it with custard and it’s crazy what people are willing to pay. I’ve only ever done it once and it’s not something I like to do a lot.

“Before I came into the industry I didn’t even know that was a thing to be honest.”

Last week the brunette beauty opened up about how OnlyFans was “harder than it looks”.

And she said the judgement of others was particularly overwhelming for her.

“I am scared to tell people because there is a bad stigma about it and telling other women is very scary,” Madison said. “Some people can be very judgemental.

“It is hard to be open. My parents know everything I do and my mum is very supportive and she knows I’m scared to say what I do.

“My mum will say ‘yeah she does this and I am really proud of her’ and it does give me a push to say what I do.

“I hope one day I can too because I’m not embarrᴀssed about what I do, I love my job and there is just a bad stigma about it.”

Madison also described how she is never off her phone – even on family holidays – over concerns the popularity of her page will suddenly plummet.

But despite the downsides, pocketing life-changing money on the platform has been worth all the sacrifices.

She said: “For me I am not a drinker and don’t go out much anyway. I am thinking that long term this will set me up so I think it’s worth it and that’s why I am so work focused.

“I am mᴀssively surprised with how quickly everything has happened and I’ve been very lucky in that all my family and friends are very supportive.”