I’m the world’s Sєxiest racing driver, I love Lewis Hamilton and posing in ʙικιɴιs for my 2.3m Instagram followers

THE world’s Sєxiest racing driver is a huge fan of Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Lindsay Brewer competes in the USF Pro 2000 having discovered her love for motorsport aged 11 at a go-karting birthday party.

And she is a driver of many talents, having built up a huge online following as well as completing a degree in business.

Brewer, 25, boasts 2.1million followers on Instagram alone, thanks in part to her penchant for posing in ʙικιɴιs.

She often shares snaps from her adventures on the track and keeps fans updated on her races – over the weekend she competed at Sebring International Raceway in Florida.

She finished 18th, continuing her disappointing start to the season with the Colorado-based driver 19th out of 20 in the overall standings.

Despite that Brewer has amᴀssed a huge social media following, something she admits is a “doubled-edged sword”.

In an interview with Racers Behind The Helmet she said: “I enjoy trying to showcase to people out there that pushing the boundaries is possible, and having a following does help get the message out there, especially in racing.

“I have a following across all the platforms I’m on, somewhere in the 3.5M range, and I try my best to use it to bring positivity and inspiration to the people who care to follow what I’m up to.

“The other edge of it, is obviously the negative connotations that are ᴀssigned to someone whom is still trying to produce results and whom has a following.

“However, to those whom question my motives, if you’re a true motorsports fan I hope all those who are out there will understand that I’m pᴀssionate about this sport as a pro athlete, and I hope that my following will only encourage more people to be pᴀssionate about this sport as well.”

Brewer also spoke about her idols within motorsport, unsurprisingly pointing to Hamilton given his success in F1.

Asked who her role models are, Brewer said: “I would say Lewis Hamilton and the Andrettis.

“Nowadays I still am a big fan of Lewis, and of people like Romain Grosjean who made the move to Indycar and is doing a fantastic job of helping market the series and build the viewer base.

“I’ve grown up driving alongside a bit of the Indycar and F1 paddock, and it’s great to see people I’ve karted with who have gotten to where they are now.”