Instagram model claims her body is ‘too dangerous’ for social media because people constantly troll her for being ‘naturally perfect’

An Instagram model said her body is ‘too dangerous’ for social media as people constantly troll her for being ‘naturally perfect’.

Veronika Rajek, 26, from Slovakia and who lives between Vienna, Austria, and the US says her toned body has made her a victim of cancel culture as ‘jealous’ trolls constantly ‘body-shame’ the model for her good looks.

The influencer, who has two million followers on Instagram @veronikarajek, insists that she uses her platform to spread body positivity but people ᴀssume she is ‘privileged’ and constantly try to ‘take her down’.

‘My body is considered a danger on social media and I am constantly being cancelled by trolls for doing absolutely nothing but sharing pH๏τos of my body,’ Veronika said.

‘These days, you see a lot of overweight or even obese women online, talking about body positivity but when a beautiful, tall woman wants to be positive in her own skin, people want to attack me and call me privileged.

‘They are just jealous of my naturally fit body. Some people are even reporting my Instagram account because they are offended by my slim look, and I’m losing out on money and work because of it.

‘I don’t share anything X-rated or controversial, I just want to show off myself and my body.

‘I’m a model; aren’t models supposed to be Sєxy?’

The 6ft tall model, who once paid £75 for a breast examination to prove to her followers that her 36D cup size is real, previously hit the headlines with a controversial statement claiming ‘life is hard for beautiful people’.

Veronika was a finalist in Miss Slovakia 2016 and has been modelling since she was just 14 years old.

Her Instagram is flooded with gorgeous snaps from her lavish lifestyle jetting around the world and enjoying nights out.

This isn’t the first time she’s been targeted by bullies; as a child, she was called a ‘desk’ and ‘giraffe’ due to her previously flat chest and tall figure.

These days, most of the trolls who allegedly target the model are women.

She said: ‘If you’re too beautiful, your body is seen as a threat to society.

‘In reality, I came from a poorer country and had to work hard to be where I am today.

‘I think that people want to punish me for my success, but everything about me is natural.’