Jockey says colleagues ‘asked for freebies’ after finding her foxy subscription account

Former horse racing jockey Libby Hopwood has revealed how former colleagues emerged from her past life requesting “freebies” after her move into the adult industry

‘Foxy’ Libby Hopwood has lifted the lid on some of the rude requests she received from colleagues asking for “freebies” after her OnlyFans page first started to blow up.

The former horse racing jockey has become well-known in the adult subscription industry for her combination of raunchy content and insider tips. Hopwood, 36, has even gone so far as to suggest her OnlyFans account is the only one where ‘followers make more money than her’.

But her rise in popularity didn’t happen overnight, and Hopwood told the Daily Mail how someone close to her leaked the idenтιтy of her OnlyFans, which had previously been kept anonymous. It wasn’t until her alter-ego was leaked that ᴀssociates started coming out of the woodwork hoping for more than just a tip-off.

“We were actually in Europe on a holiday and somebody sent me a Snapchat along the lines of ‘Can I get a freebie,'” said the Australian. “I messaged my friend who was back in Sydney, I was like, ‘I think my OnlyFans has blown up’, she’s like ‘I actually wanted to wait until you’re back in Sydney before I spoke to you about it, I didn’t want to ruin your holiday but it’s everywhere.'”

“There was nobody in racing doing all OnlyFans and I knew there was going to be a stigma around that because racing is a dinosaurs game.”

Needless to say the decision to transition into the world of adult content has worked in her favour. Hopwood’s page has proved hugely popular in the year or so since she started an OnlyFans account, both with those in and outside the horse racing sphere.

Injury forced the end of Hopwood’s career as a jockey in 2014, and she soon made a successful move into punditry and analysis. OnlyFans provides the opportunity to combine her love of horse racing with slightly more mature themes, and it appears a match made in heaven thus far.

Not everyone in her circle was fully supporting of the move as Hopwood described one trainer “throwing up his hands in disgust”. Her partner, Ben, was also flooded by messages of condolences from fans and friends, though she insisted she ‘doesn’t care what they have to think’.

“The work that they need to do to become a better person to be nicer in the universe, they’re not going to do that so there’s no point me getting upset about what they want to spew back at me,” added Hopwood.

“I had a few people reach out to Ben. Hilariously, when it was in the newspaper, they would reach out to Ben and were like, ‘I’ve got your back.’ A couple of clients of mine were like ‘What does Ben think?’ I was like ‘Who do you think is taking the pH๏τos?'”