JUDGE AND JURY I’m a female lawyer who’s on OnlyFans – I get 70 messages a day from cheats wanting me to represent them in divorces

A LAWYER who joined OnlyFans revealed how she has been bombarded with messages from sleazy men looking to divorce their wives.

Denise Rocha, 39, from Brazil, joined the site eight months ago after giving up her job as a high-flying parliamentary advisor – swapping her suits for lingerie.

The attorney spent a whopping £250,000 on cosmetic surgery but now rakes in £80,000 a month selling saucy snaps – 90 times more than her salary.

But her new pursuit brought more than just OnlyFans fame, as her law career encouraged cheating spouses to flood her inbox.

Since joining the site, Denise says she has been overwhelmed with requests for representation from unfaithful couples.

She said: “Despite what many people think, I didn’t give up my career as a lawyer.

“In fact, I receive more than 70 requests daily to represent unfaithful spouses.

“I am referred to as an expert on the subject.”

Denise says she received one such request from a man who subscribed to her racy platform, begging for help separating from his wife.

The husband had previously been caught browsing OnlyFans and needed legal help after his wife filed for divorce.

Denise said: “He asked ‘please’ for me to represent him.

“He heard about my fame as a lawyer, and said that only I could resolve the situation.”

For Denise, who rakes in £80,000 per month from her saucy content, the rise in requests for legal help has been a welcome benefit after joining the site.

She said: “They recommend me as a specialist.

“I particularly think it’s very good. Especially because now I receive 50% more requests.”

Known in Brazil as “Hurricane of the CPI” (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry), Denise explains that the cases she takes can have hugely varying outcomes for the partners involved.

While Brazilian Law no longer considers infidelity a crime, being unfaithful can still have consequences.

Denise said: “If treason is proven, the adulterous spouse will not be enтιтled to alimony.”

“Cases of infidelity are thousands, and it seems that over the years they tend to grow.

“This I see by the amount of messages from betrayed women and men that I receive in a single day.”


After taking a financial hit eight months ago, the model took the plunge and launched an OnlyFans page.

Denise was reᴀssured by her 2.4million Instagram followers that she would soon rake in the big bucks by uploading sultry snaps.

She had already acquired an army of swooning fans after starring in reality TV shows such as The Farm and A Fazenda.

But a nervous Denise decided she wanted to undergo a drastic transformation before unveiling her body to the world.

The influencer decided to boost her confidence with a series of cosmetic procedures to maximise her ᴀssets – and earning potential.

She explained: “When I started working as a model, I noticed that I didn’t quite have the profile that was ideal for model agencies.

“That’s why I underwent some aesthetic procedures to suit myself.”

Denise has now had three breast enhancements, two nose jobs and one round of liposuction in pursuit of her dream body.

The saucy social media star has also spent around £50,000 on non-surgical procedures to climb the ranks on OnlyFans.