Katy gave the crowds a little more (bum) than she planned to at the water park

She’s used to performing in front of an audience and it didn’t look like Katy Perry cared that her ʙικιɴι bottoms came down in public

Proving that she’s not one of these celebrities who has to be perfectly preened before she greets her public, Katy Perry went to the water park with her pals and totally let her hair down.

In fact her hair couldn’t have been any flatter because it was quite literally stuck to her head with water.

She went to Raging Waters in San Dimas with a group of friends for a day which looked to be full of large laughs.

One of these came at Katy’s expense after she’d surfed down a chute. The force of the water was obviously so strong though that as well as giving her a hairstyle reminiscent of Justin Bieber’s brushed-forward lesbian do, it yanked her ʙικιɴι bottoms down too.

Chilling out: The singer looked a little sunburned on her stomach and chest

Yep, she flashed the watching crowds her naked tush.

She didn’t seem to mind though and burst into laughter as a mate helped her up.

Affectionate: A mystery male companion offered a gentle arm for Katy to lean on

Basically loads of people now have Katy’s moon as the screensaver on their phone.

Katy Perry flashes her bum at a water park

Katy Perry

Katy gives the gawping crowd a bit of cleavage to drool over as she sets off, still looking quite glam

Katy Perry

Katy cunningly using her board to hide her modesty

katy Perry

Oh Katy, we are so so sorry about this…

Katy Perry

To be fair Katy wasn’t wearing the most secure of ʙικιɴιs to throw herself around in public

Katy Perry

Katy gets hoisted up therefore risking baring her boobies too!

Katy Perry

Getting ready for another ride – she’s a right go-oer that Perry