Katy Perry’s mid-concert eye ‘glitch’ sends fans into a frenzy

Katy Perry suffered a mid-concert eye “glitch” — and now fans are worried the pop superstar might actually be a robot. 

During a recent performance of her Las Vegas “Play” residency, Perry appeared unable to keep her right eye open.

She even pressed her finger against her temple in a seeming effort to keep her eyelid from drooping.

Eventually, the entertainer managed to raise her eyelid — and proceeded to keep both eyes wide open for several moments.

She then blinked before urging concertgoers to make some noise for her band.



Katy Perry had difficulty keeping her right eye open during a recent Las Vegas performance.katyperrytv/TikTok

The odd display — which has gone viral on social media — was met with reactions from KatyCats that ranged from concerned to amused.

“Her clone was glitching. That’s scary  ,” one person wrote in a TikTok comment, while another added, “Her robot seems to glitch a lot.”



Fans of the singer were both concerned and amused over the odd display.katyperrytv/TikTok

“That bitch is a robot omg we been knew,” another jokingly ᴀsserted. “Katy parry [sic] is a mf robot hahaha,” another commented.

Meanwhile, someone else opined, “It wasn’t the eye thing that was weird it was the fact she acted like it didn’t happen and went on with the show…”

Many others found the moment rather funny.

“That baby doll you had as a kid with the eye that kept closing,” one person joked on TikTok, while another mused, “she lost the wifi connection  .”

Enlarge Image “Her clone was glitching. That’s scary  ,” one person wrote in a TikTok comment.

Another fan compared Perry’s wonky eye to that of a “Disney animatronic after like 10 years.”

Comments about the “Roar” songstress’ “glitch” comes as she celebrates her 38th birthday.

Perry rang in a new year on Tuesday, which her partner, Orlando Bloom, honored in a sweet Instagram tribute.

Katy Perry Christens Norwegian Prima in Reykjavik, Iceland

Norwegian Prima's Christening Ceremony In Reykjavik, Iceland

The pop star’s Sin City residency, “Play,” began in December 2021.Getty Images for Norwegian Cruis

“Each time we take a trip around the sun and get to celebrate you, I’m reminded that on this journey together and whatever the weather I’m always smiling  ,” the actor, 45, captioned a selfie of the couple.

Perry and Bloom got engaged in 2019 after three years of dating. They share 2-year-old daughter Daisy.