Katy Perry’s wild Las Vegas residency looks include a bra made of beer cans

Katy Perry isn’t just “Waking Up in Vegas,” she’s also hitting the stage there.

And on the first night of her “Play” residency at Resorts World Las Vegas on Wednesday, the 27-year-old pop star showcased her playful signature style with a series of show-stopping outfits.

In one headline-making moment, the “Roar” singer quite literally showed off her cans in a metallic minidress covered in crushed beer containers — which she used to pour herself a pint mid-performance.

The buzzy take on the cone bra likely gave Perry fans fashion flashbacks, as she sprayed whipped cream out of a different can-embellished bra in her 2010 “California Gurls” music video.

The “E.T.” singer rocks a series of out-of-this-world looks during her Las Vegas residency.

The cone bra is “Never Really Over”: Katy Perry poured beer out of her bustier during the opening night of her Las Vegas residency.

The songstress’ candy-colored “Perry Playland” was filled with oversized set pieces – and a series of over-the-top looks to match.

Perry opened the show with a mod minidress by Zaldy.

During Act I of the fashion-filled extravaganza, Katy kicked things off with a pink and white babydoll dress, adding to the retro vibe with white boots and ‘60s-esque makeup.

Fungi meets fashion: Perry’s playful looks also included this mushroom hat and red latex chaps by Zaldy.

She later turned up the heat with a red latex look, walking through a sea of toadstools while sporting a cutout bodysuit, fringed chaps and a matching mushroom cap hat.

Another fringe-filled look? The white minidress and turban she wore while emerging from a 16-foot-tall toilet beside an equally gigantic toilet paper tower.

Would it be a Katy Perry show without some oversized set pieces? She emerged from a toilet while wearing an outfit designed by Heather Picchiottino.

She then cleaned up the bathroom-themed look, layering a bubble-covered dress on top as she stepped into a large bathtub.

The larger-than-life props also included a giant bathtub.

The “Smile” singer ended the night on a glamorous note, sporting a sparkly sunset-colored cutout dress and gold opera gloves by her go-to designer, Johnny Wujek, before closing the show in a pink velvet gown with an embellished neckline.

She brought some sparkle to the stage with this slit-up-to-there gown.

Wujek has brought many of Perry’s whimsical wardrobe moments to life, most recently including her hand sanitizer and vaccine costumes.

She ended the night in a curve-hugging pink gown.

One thing’s for sure: Her Vegas show may be 95 minutes long, but Perry’s adventurous sense of style is “Never Really Over.”