‘Lap dance cop’ recreates viral clip at beach bar party because she ‘misses summer’

Vera Mekuli hit headlines last year for giving her New York Police Department boss a raunchy lap dance at a work Christmas party and has once again shown off her moves

A female police officer who went viral for giving her boss a lap dance has reminded followers of her moves that landed her in H๏τ water.

Since 27-year-old Vera Mekuli’s exotic moves were shared by the world’s media last December, she has been begged by a growing number of admirers to launch an OnlyFans account.

She may have ignored such pleas for racy content but that hasn’t stopped her accepting cash from social media followers via an online app.

Last week Vera shared a compilation clip on TikTok of her summer 2022 highlights as she reflects on sunnier and H๏τter times.

The video launches with a view of a smiling Vera from behind as she glances over her left shoulder while twerking at a crowded beach bar party.

Her dancing, which inspired a pal to repeatedly slap her bum, was undeniably reminiscent of her performance grinding against Lt. Nick McGarry’s lap, in the middle of Yonkers Bar in New York City.

The recent upload goes on to show the ʙικιɴι-clad officer enjoying her time on holiday on a sandy beach and ends with a somewhat suspect cartwheel in the shallow sea.

Vera’s acrobatics didn’t go unnoticed on TikTok with one viewer joking “that somersault was so graceful”.

The cop replied: “I gave it my best sH๏τ.”

With just two videos to her name, Vera’s TikTok is yet to replicate her popularity on Instagram where she has built an army of 22,000 Instagram followers – many of whom ask to be handcuffed by her.

The event that propelled Vera to fame was for her NYPD department’s Christmas party on December 16, 2021, where colleagues filmed her getting up close to her boss sitting on a chair.

The New York Police Department transferred Lt. McGarry to another department with immediate effect to investigate the raunchy incident caught on camera.