Malin Andersson displays her toned figure in a skimpy purple ʙικιɴι after admiring her ‘inner strength’ and gushing over her ‘healthy body’

Malin Andersson proudly showcased her toned figure in a purple ʙικιɴι on Instagram while soaking up the sun during a lavish getaway on Friday. 

The Love Island star, 30, flexed her bicep while posing for a mirror selfie in a second pH๏τo in the skimpy two piece.

She styled her long blonde tresses in two neat French braids as she beamed for the camera while posing in front of a swimming pool.

Malin showed off her natural beauty in the snaps and accessorised with a white bracelet and a pair of gold drop earrings.

She penned: ‘So many different versions & I love the one I’ve become.’

The reality star recently admired her figure in a mirror selfie as she reflected on how her ‘inner strength’.

She stripped down to green lace lingerie to show her toned figure after losing weight following the birth of her daughter Xaya, 14 months.

Malin previously hit back at trolls who accused her of liposuction and, in her new post, explained how her slimmer figure is down to finally having a healthy relationship with exercise and food.

‘My inner strength is now becoming visible on the outside. I wasn’t going to post this but why hide? This is me and this pH๏τo shows female strength and determination,’ she wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

‘We all go through change, sometimes good and sometimes bad; this is the Ying and Yang of life. For me this shows balance between my mind, body and soul.

‘Having battled an eating disorder for the best part of 15 years through my adolescence and early adulthood, it’s beautiful to exercise and have a healthy body which compliments my mind.

‘I want to show you all that there is a way out of disordered eating and that healing is possible if you learn to love yourself internally first.’

Posing in the green thong and matching bra, Malin went on to explain how far she’s come, finding her depression lifted the more she worked on herself both mentally and physically.

‘Man. I can’t believe the days where I would be scared to eat. Scared that if I ate one biscuit or drink a glᴀss of juice I would put on weight, lethargic, no energy.

‘Obsessing over the scales, only doing cardio to lose weight. Being grumpy, fatigued, constantly thinking about food. Coffee cigarettes and red bull for energy it’s mental.

‘Fast forward 6 years and I’ve reversed my mindset. It took time. I woke up one day and had enough of making myself sick. Enough of feeling weak and looking weak.’

Malin said she decided to begin exercising and soon found her ‘depression and sluggish energy lifted’ and the ‘healthier food choices then made my mind feel clearer’.

Last week, she was forced to hit back at body-shaming trolls who made cruel comments about her appearance after she shared ʙικιɴι-clad pictures to social media.

Malin took to Instagram on Friday to share an array of snaps of herself posing in a blue and pink patterned ʙικιɴι as she relaxed at a spa.

However, she later shared in the comments section and Instagram Stories that ‘disgusting’ trolls had criticised her appearance.

In a string of impᴀssioned posts, she fumed that she was left ‘shocked’ over the comments, which saw people cruelly brand her as ‘too skinny’.

She also hit back at accusations that she has had liposuction as she spoke about her recent weight loss, insisting she has simply overhauled her fitness regime.

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure which removes unwanted body fat through sucking out small areas of fat which can be hard to lose through exercise.

Hitting back at the comments, she said: ‘OK wow. Weird comments from people talking about my body saying their preferred body type on me. And that I looked happier before.

‘Hell no I was not happier before. I feel strong, healthy and more powerful now. Do not body-shame me. Weirdos.’

Malin, who welcomed her daughter Xaya, 14 months, in January 2022, took to the comments of her post to insist that she hasn’t had any liposuction or injections.

She went on: ‘Omg comments about lipo when the HELL have I had chance with a newborn to do that. I have exercised for 14 months now since giving birth and have burned fat by lifting heavy weights and exercising.

‘Lipo may work for some people but when you have a baby leaving them for 6 weeks and then not being able to even hold them no way. I’ve done it the right way. Please kindly f**k off!’

In another comment, she added: ‘How the heck do I look unhealthy if I’m eating more food each day just better options lifting exercising running doing things I love being active being a mum and working too. And I’m happy.

‘Please do NOT tell me I look unhealthy because you’re clearly projecting there – and sending the wrong message out to my followers about changing your mindset about exercise.

‘I don’t workout to lose weight that’s only what YOU decide to see not me. I work out because it lifts my SPIRITS!!!!’