Millionaire model explains why she got £6,000 Turkey Teeth despite ‘being loaded’

Rebecca Goodwin jetted off to Turkey to get her new teeth fitted for just £5,800 – but fans questioned why she didn’t want to splash the cash with her millions she earned on OnlyFans

An OnlyFans star shocked fans when she jetted off to Turkey to get her new teeth fitted on the cheap despite her multi-million porn fortune.

Rebecca Goodwin boasts 4.1million TikTok followers where she often flaunts her curves and speaks candidly about her career as an X-rated model.

The star from Chesterfield is estimated to rake in between £78,000 and £132,000 a month from her 14,500 subscribers on the platform, according to Fansmetrics.

She also recently revealed that she has surpᴀssed £2million in earnings on the site – which has left fans confused about her recent investment.

The 28-year-old was seen jetting off to Turkey to get her some new pearly white nashers for just £5,800 after refusing to fork out more money to have them done in the UK.

Fans were left flabbergasted by the decision as one user commented on a clip asking: “How come you went to Turkey to get them done when you’re loaded and could have got them done in the UK?”

Rebecca responded to the comment with a video of her own, which has gained more than 104,000 likes on TikTok.

She explained: “Even though I make a lot of money, I have a company where the money goes into the company and I pay myself a salary.

“The company itself belongs to my children. The money inside the company belongs to my children. I just get the salary that I pay myself every month.

“I had a choice between using my salary to pay £6,000 for teeth in Turkey or to take £26,000 from my children’s money to have the same thing done over in the UK.

“It just made sense to me to not blow their money on cosmetics.”

Viewers have since taken to the comments to praise her for making investments to secure her children’s future.

One user said: “The way you handle your money and think of the future is absolutely insane, I admire u so much.”

Another commented: “You should 100% be a business mentor and I’m volunteering to be a client.”

A third wrote: “What you are doing for your children is absolutely brilliant.”