Model Gabrielle Epstein leaves almost nothing to the imagination in a soaking crop top and ʙικιɴι bottoms at the beach

Gabrielle Epstein isn’t exactly known for her subtlety when it comes to fashion.

And the Australian model, 27, turned heads on Wednesday as she hit the beach in a soaking wet crop top and very skimpy ʙικιɴι bottoms.

She left almost nothing to the imagination in the see-through white T-shirt, which featured a retro Fanta logo from the early ’90s.

The drenched top offered a generous glimpse of underboob and drew attention to Gabrielle’s impressively lean abs.

The OnlyFans star appeared to be one sudden move from a wardrobe malfunction as she struck a series of poses by the ocean.

Meanwhile, her bottoms offered hardly any coverage at all and were pulled up perilously high on her hips.

Gabrielle’s Instagram followers were stunned by her barely there ensemble, with one commenting: ‘Why do I all of a sudden have the thirst for Fanta?’

‘Unreal,’ another added, while a third wrote, ‘Geeeee willikers Batman.’

It comes after Gabrielle shocked fans by going underwear-free in an extremely flimsy black dress that left the entire side of her body exposed.

She eschewed her bra and knickers as she gazed out towards the ocean in a gallery of Instagram snaps shared on December 1.

Gabrielle swept her blonde hair into a bun and accessorised with several items of jewellery, including a necklace and bracelet.

She captioned the post: ‘Watching the sunset in @prettylittlething.’

Gabrielle last month fired back at critics who said her pH๏τos were ‘too explicit’.

Speaking to Maxim, she called out the ‘toxic double standard’ between how men and women are treated differently on Instagram.

‘There are plenty of pH๏τos of men without their shirts on showing their nipples but the fact that mine can be covered and a pH๏τo still gets removed creates a very toxic double standard,’ she said.

‘We are all human, we are all born with bodies and we should not be taught to be ashamed of how they look in a natural state.’

She said she’d turned to OnlyFans to get around Instagram’s censorship.

‘I also feel like I can be more of myself on OnlyFans,’ she explained.

‘To me showing my body isn’t about me being objectified; it’s about me feeling confident, powerful and beautiful in my own skin.’

Gabrielle’s statements come after Instagram removed one of her pictures due to claims of ‘Sєxual solicitation’.

In September, she was frustrated to learn her post breached community guidelines.

She uploaded a screensH๏τ of an alert she’d received telling her a naked pH๏τo had been deleted because it breached ‘adult Sєxual solicitation’ rules.

It wasn’t the first time she’d had content removed by Instagram, with the blonde bombshell commenting: ‘@instagram here we go again.’

‘You can’t even see ANYTHING what is going on,’ she added.

The supposedly offensive pH๏τo showed a naked Gabrielle lying on a white sheet while propping herself up on her elbows.

Prior to finding fame as an adult model, Gabrielle was a compeтιтive swimmer and ambᴀssador for fitness brands.