Model lets OnlyFans subscribers make her decisions – and they lose her £830k

OnlyFans model Laurie was offered a cool $1million (£830,000) to shut down her account for good. However, instead of making the decision herself – she let her subscribers decide what to do

An OnlyFans model said she was offered a cool $1million (£830,000) to shut down her account for good.

However, instead of making the decision herself, she let her subscribers decide what to do.

The French woman named Laurie, who is in the top 0.4% of earners on the site, didn’t just let her fans make that choice either.

She gets her subscribers to make almost all decisions for her in her life.

Laurie posts polls onto Telegram which let people vote on what they want her to do – ranging from what she should have for lunch to whether or not to gamble away her money.

Since she’s been giving it a go, she’s left her partner and quit her internship at the behest of her subscribers.

Laurie says she does have some rules place to stop it getting “too out of hand”. For example, she won’t do things that could “put (her) in danger, harm someone, or be hateful”.

Her motivation behind the whole thing was to ‘create a small community of people willing to share their lives with (her)’.

And the latest thing they had to decide on was something ‘life-changing’ for her.

Laurie said ‘something incredible has happened’ and posted a series of messages she’d received to Telegram, revealing a man had declared that he loved her and wanted ‘to keep (her) all for (himself)’.

He offered her a million dollars to ‘delete (her) OnlyFans account’ as he felt he ‘cannot share (her) anymore with other man’.

Laurie told her subscribers she was ‘not doing this for the money’ and asked them to make the decision.

Just over half (56%) voted for her to reject the offer – and she apologised to the guy, saying her ‘community is stronger than anything’ and her OnlyFans would continue.

Her subscribers also recently decided if she should give her number out to guys. They concluded that she could give her number to anyone who pays her $5,000 (£4,170).

So why does Laurie give away so much control?

Previously, she told us: “I guess I wasn’t very satisfied with my social and love life. So I thought I’d offer a few privileged people the chance to experience it with me…

“Thanks to my fans I decided to block my toxic ex-boyfriend.

“I did a night pH๏τoshoot on a tennis court. I did a helicopter tour while I’m afraid of heights. I even quit my internship where I was not fulfilled.

“But sometimes it’s more trivial like choosing the lingerie for the next shoot.

“The polls are in the hands of the community, so I can’t wait to see what happens next, it’s only the beginning.”