Model proudly shows off enhanced posterior in revealing thong, boldly declaring ‘it’s all about embracing the curves’

OnlyFans model Chloe Saxon has made her behind even more peachy, thanks to bum fillers. She showed her 1.1million Instagram followers that she’d had a top-up to keep her rump round

Model Chloe Saxon is known for her curvy rear.

However, the OnlyFans star has just made her behind even more peachy – thanks to bum fillers.

The Manchester-based stunner is open about getting fillers in her bum to give her a curvy appearance.

And this week, she told her 1.1million Instagram followers that she’d had a top-up to keep her rump round.

Chloe took to her Instagram story to show that she was getting more fillers from expert Dr Ducu.

She then showed off the results afterwards as she showed off her bum while wearing a tiny thong.

As she proudly displayed her behind for the camera, Chloe told fans: “Go big or go home”.

The model has been very open about her surgery – previously showing off her nose job online.

Chloe took to her Instagram story back in April last year to talk about the procedure and show off the results.

The brunette beauty was seen with a bandage over her nose.

She told fans that she got the surgery despite people ‘telling her she didn’t need it’.

Chloe was seen showing before and after pictures, as she called the results “amazing”.

Addressing fans, she said: “I know my nose wasn’t terrible before, and I know everyone said I shouldn’t get it done, but for me, the after pictures are just amazing, so it’s so worth it.

“I’m so glad I didn’t listen to anyone.”

The model has also admitted to wanting a boob job to make her chest bigger.