Model risks wardrobe mishap in ʙικιɴι that’s so tiny it looks like a belt

Fashion Nova turned heads with its latest number on Instagram. The model slipped into the Forever Chasing Sunsets 2 Piece ʙικιɴι⁠ but you’ll have to be brave to wear it

With summer right around the corner, it’s no doubt most of us will be thinking of a sunny holiday.

Of course the first thing any woman packs in her suitcase is a ʙικιɴι (or two).

Now if you’re on the hunt for something stunning to wear by the pool, why not consider this Fashion Nova number?

The Californian retailer is known for its racy looks – and this latest one is certainly no different.

Posting on Instagram to its 21.5million followers, the brand turned heads with a series of Sєxy snaps.

In the pH๏τos, the model rocked the Forever Chasing Sunsets 2 Piece ʙικιɴι.

But as it’s got quite a frisky style to it, you’ll have to be brave to even consider it…

In the Instagram post, Fashion Nova wrote: “I hope no pilot gets distracted @NovaSWIM⁠.

“Forever Chasing Sunsets 2 Piece ʙικιɴι⁠.”

Fortunately it won’t break the bank as the two-piece look costs just £11, down from £21, on the website.

It comes in two sizes; S/M and L/XL, as it features a strappy detail and bandeau top.

And if that’s not enough, the ʙικιɴι also comes with a racy thong bottom.

But the style is so tiny that it sort of looks like a belt covering her boob area.

Fans were left gushing as the influencer modelled the ʙικιɴι in a range of poses.

One snap shows her balancing on her hands to flaunt her washboard abs in the number.

Then she slips into a pair of heels as she posed on a rooftop.

The post garnered a lot of likes and comments.

A follower commented: “Very very beautiful.”

Another gushed: “That’s the beach day fit.”

And a third chimed in: “My dream.”

If this ʙικιɴι is something you’d like to wear, make sure you snap it up fast as it’s bound to sell out!