Model says she’ll keep tattoo tribute to boyfriend ‘forever’ – despite split

Australian influencer Mikaela Testa has finally spoken out about her split from long-term boyfriend, Atis Paul, after the couple left fans shocked when they went their separate ways

A model has claimed she will keep a tribute tattoo that she has dedicated to her boyfriend “forever” even though they’ve parted ways.

Australian influencer Mikaela Testa has finally spoken out about the split from her long-term boyfriend, Atis Paul.

Atis was the first to break the silence over his split from the OnlyFans creator – telling fans that the pair “love each other so much and decided to be friends now”.

“Everything is perfect between us. We both agree it’s better this way,” the 21-year-old added.

At first Mikaela had been a little quieter about the break-up, having only told her fans that their messages of support were making her “so emotional.”

The influencer, 22, then opened about about the situation more during an Instagram Q&A on Monday.

She was asked what went down between her and Atis, who she had been dating for three years, and who she met when they were both in relationships with other people.

In the recent Q&A she said the pair “will always be in love with each other, we never stopped.”

“Nothing bad happened, it’s just life getting in the way and certain things we want/need in life,” she said, before telling her fans: “that’s enough Atis questions please.”

Mikaela also confirmed the couple “will never be together again but we will always support each other”.

But some people were left curious as to whether she’d cover up the tattoo of the letter “A” she has, which makes reference to the first initial of Atis’ name.

Testa replied: “I’ll keep it forever.

“Whoever marries me will have to deal with it.”

She also informed her followers that she hasn’t “gotten with other guys since Atis”, adding: “And I never will.”

When the split was first made official, the Instagram star spoke out about the support she’d received from her 308,000 followers.

She said: “Arghh! U guys are making me so emotional I wish I could hug every single one of you, everything is gonna be okay.

“I’m trying my best to respond to everyone. The answer is self love & self care.”

Initially the model was denying rumours the pair had parted after fans on TikTok continued to comment on a video of her reviewing various food and drinks at McDonald’s.

When people asked where Atis was, she said she was enjoying a different trip with her friends.

Meanwhile, others speculated as to whether the couple were engaged after she was also spotted with a rock on her finger.

She told her followers: “It’s a promise ring, Atis gave it to me three years ago when he asked me to be his girlfriend.”

When the split was finally confirmed some fans were left devastated, with one TikTok follower even claiming they were “screaming”, “crying” and “throwing up”.

“Calling in sick for work because Mikaela Testa & Atis Paul broke up and you’re mourning as if it’s your own relationship,” they said in a video.

Another added: “I’m in so much shock Mikaela Testa n Atis Paul broke up.”