Model who ‘intimidates’ men with her looks has ‘7,000 online boyfriends’ instead

OnlyFans model Nala Ray, claims to have ‘7,000 online boyfriends’ and says they’re better than real ones. She says she’s forced to date men online as guys are ‘too intimidated’ by her looks in real life

An OnlyFans model says she’s forced to date men online as guys are “too intimidated” by her looks in real life.

Nala Ray, claims to have “7,000 online boyfriends” – and says they’re better than real ones.

She says she struggles to find a partner who isn’t “intimidated” by her looks as well as her financial success.

Nala says she has legions of fans vying for her attention online – but her offline romantic escapades are pretty much non-existent, with the 25-year-old “refusing” to date.

The model, who makes around £240,000 ($300,000) per month, is fed up with “possessive” partners and instead choses to focus on the “7,000 boyfriends” she has on the adult site.

And that’s not counting her additional 584,000 followers on Instagram.

Explaining how the set-up works, the California native said: “Every single morning I send my boyfriends something cheerful and then some of them will answer and we talk a little bit.

“We have conversations about their lives, what their day looks like, how they slept – it’s like a full-on relationship.

“I’m really proud of these connections, I am their online girlfriend.

“I have two choices. I either have an extremely regular guy as my one boyfriend, who can’t handle the fact I get noticed in public or that I make a lot of money – or I date a guy online.

“I choose the latter.”

Nala, who has been single for months, insists being unattached in real life actually helps her form better-lasting connections online.

Both of her previous relationships began to “fall apart” after a year due to their “insecurities” or because she “wanted freedom”.

She said: “If I get a boyfriend [in real life] and start sharing my attention with them, it will take away from this and it’s really important that I build these relationships with these guys.

“They know I’m there for them if they need me and that makes me really happy.”

Nala struggles to find men offline who will accept her career – or if they do OnlyFans themselves, says they feel emasculated by her larger income.

She said: “People will come up to me in the street and be like, ‘Oh, my God, are you Nala? I’m your biggest fan’ – and that’s kind of hard for a normal person to deal with.

“In their mind, it tells them that this person has seen their girlfriend naked and they feel it’s unfair.

“I have dated men who do OnlyFans too, but they get jealous that I am better at it and make 10 times more money than they do.

“They’re intimidated by the fact that I’m the breadwinner.

“So either they are too possessive or too insecure, and I just can’t deal with that.”

Fortunately, the model has her community of online lovers to fall back on and regularly gets positive feedback from them.

She said: “Men will tell me that I make their lives better and that makes me feel really good.

“I truly talk to them and film content when I’m in the moment and most of the time I’m at home – it’s not a production, it’s the real me.

“And that strengthens our connection and is really exciting.”