‘My daughter encouraged me to sell Sєxy snaps – now I’m making £30k a month’

Mum-of-four Evie Leana is making the average annual salary in a single month from her Sєxy snaps – and it was all her daughter’s idea to flog her pH๏τos online

A mum has shared how she’s making thousands a month selling her Sєxy pH๏τos – and it was all her daughter’s idea.

Mum-of-four Evie Leana, 37 from Adelaide, Australia, is making the average annual salary in a single month on racy platform OnlyFans.

However, she hasn’t let the wealth go to her head – instead spending it smartly on investments and home repayments.

Evie told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: “My daughter gave me the idea to get on OnlyFans, she started it before I did.

“I was initially against it because she was only 18 when she created her page, but when I saw how much she was earning I decided to make my own.

“People were telling me it would suit me even before I started the profile – I’m a very Sєxual person.

“This time last year I was making just under £11,000 a month, but now I have tripled my earnings in 12 months and make just over £30,000 in the same time period.

Evie said that despite making a ton of money, OnlyFans isn’t easy work.

She said some people may think she ‘spends all of her time creating pH๏τos and videos for her page’ – but she said that creating content is ‘only about 10% of what her work entails’.

“The other 90% is networking – a lot of networking,” she said.

“I also keep on top of scheduling content and replying to people. Because I make a point of replying to everyone personally, I recently hired an ᴀssistant to help promote my content and free up my time.

“There is so much that goes into this line of work – it’s never-ending.

“I’ve really approached it as a business and my hard work has paid off as my earnings enable me to work from home and support my four children.”

Evie says she’s always willing to try new and fun things on her page and said “nothing is off-limits”.

She confessed: “I have posted with my daughter and also with female friends.

“I haven’t made content with a man yet, but I’m sure that will happen.”

The mum says she posts content ‘nearly every day’ and that deciding what to post is “easy”.

“If it looks good and I feel good then I post it,” she said.

“Men like to see you enjoying yourself and I really do enjoy myself when I am creating the content on my page. I think that’s why I do well. I am genuine and people can sense that.”

She says she mainly has an OnlyFans account because she ‘enjoys it’.

“Not only is coming up with content easy, I just do what feels good and post when I am in the mood to,” she said.

“My fans also give me ideas so I keep lists of common requests.

“Overall I have a constant stream of ideas and inspiration to keep my page active.”