‘My ex cheated and left me to raise four kids – now I cook naked on OnlyFans for cash’

EXCLUSIVE: Chloe Sasha, 29, had a very different life a few years ago. She was devastated when her marriage broke down – but getting saucy on OnlyFans led to changing her life

A woman raised her four kids alone after her ex-partner allegedly cheated on her – but stripping for OnlyFans turned her life around.

Chloe Sasha, 29, from Arizona, lived a very different life just a few years ago as she was happily married

But everything changed when the relationship broke down, leaving her to look after the kids alone.

The mum joined OnlyFans in June 2022 – so she’s been making saucy content for just under a year.

She said it “feels like yesterday” that she joined the platform, but she’s so grateful that she did.

Originally she signed up to try and make a little extra money on the side, but it ended up turning into a lot more.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Chloe said: “My ex-husband had cheated on me in my own home, and then he wanted a divorce, leaving me as a single mum of my four young kids.

“As a stay-at-home mum from the age of 18, I had limited skills and experience, so I had been trying to make ends meet as a dental office administrator along with living on food stamps and other government help programs while living in a crime-filled area because that was what I could afford.

“The worst part was that I was unable to see my kids because I had to drive hours in traffic both ways from work and back so, by the time I got home, it was time to eat dinner and go to bed.

“This was difficult for me because I had been used to waking up with my kids and spending all day with them.

“I quickly realised I was lost at sea without a life raft and I needed to make a change ASAP.

“This led me to try OnlyFans and I’m grateful every day that I did.”

For Chloe, success is measured by how comfortable she can live while being able to spend time with her kids.

When taking these things into account, she defined herself as successful as she was able to quit her 9-5 job when her page took off.

She now spends more time with the little ones – and is able to live life to the full.

To do this, she made it her goal to make the highest quality content that she possibly could.

“I make the spiciest bilingual content on OnlyFans,” she added.

“Spanish was my first language, and I love adding some of my Spanish culture into my content in every way possible.

“I do this by creating an environment on my page for subscribers to get the full experience of what it would be like to be with a spicy Latina in both PG-rated ways and X-rated ways.

“For example, I have a free daily spicy Spanish word of the day where I teach how to talk naughty in Spanish.

“I also have a free daily naughty cooking series where I cook a Mexican meal from scratch without clothes on.”

She continued: “Then of course I have my spicy solo boy/girl, girl/girl, and boy/girl/girl videos that show my truest self.

“But I do think it’s more important, meaningful and fun for my most loyal supporters to see what my personality is like on a day-to-day basis, because that connection is why OnlyFans is different from many other platforms.

“OnlyFans is a platform that promotes connection, not just lust.”

Chloe tries to implement connection and pleasure on her page – so those who subscribe are able to see more of her body than any other social media platform.

Since she’s taken on the saucy work, the mum has been able to boost her cash flow to support her family.

But, for Chloe, the most important thing is it has given her back to her family too.

She explained: “I am no longer a depressed, stressed, busy, time-consumed and emotionally unavailable version of myself.

“In addition, I no longer am absent from my kids’ lives 90% of the time.

“OnlyFans has given me the opportunity to be a better mother, daughter, sister and friend because I now have the time, confidence and positive mental space to be available for those who need me most.

“To me, that is more valuable than money. However, I’m not going to discount the fact that money is the main reason why I am able to live this way.”