‘My Sєxy pics were leaked and family disowned me – they can’t look me in the eye’

Kayla Jade revealed how her family reacted to her Sєxy OnlyFans page – and it’s safe to say some weren’t impressed when they found out she was selling Sєxy pH๏τos online

An OnlyFans model’s saucy career was outed to her family.

And according to Kayla Jade, most of them didn’t react well to hearing the news.

The Australian babe, who charges around £7 a month to view her Sєxy content online, claims she was “disowned” by some.

But instead of taking this to heart, she’s seeing the awkward situation as a sign of her success.

Kayla told TikTok fans: “I wasn’t gonna bother hiding it because I knew it would come out eventually.

“My goal was to be super successful so I wasn’t gonna bother trying to hide it from friends or family because I knew it was just gonna come out.

“As time went on I got bigger and bigger and people started seeing my stuff.

“Friends started seeing my stuff and eventually my family saw it.

“When my mum and sister found out they couldn’t even confront me about it, they had to ask my dad to call me about it.”

While some family members couldn’t look her in the eyes, Kayla said her dad was “grounded and super supportive” about her career.

And she doesn’t have regrets about getting into the racy industry.

She said: “Definitely worth it. Couldn’t be happier! It’s not as easy as people say it is though. Takes a strong person.”

The OnlyFans star also has the support of her adoring fans.

One TikTok commenter said: “Good on you – it’s your life and up to you what you do.

“If they can’t accept that then they should stay away from you.”

Another wrote: “You do you! As long as you’re happy with what you’re doing.”

And a third added: “To be honest you are making money. Who cares how you make it?

“As long as you are making it and they don’t have to pay for you is all that should matter to be honest.”