Nickelodeon Star Opens Up About Shocking Fetish Requests After Joining Provocative Platform

EXCLUSIVE: Game Shakers star Madisyn Shipman might have sH๏τ to fame as a teen in various Nickelodeon shows, but now she’s busy posing up a storm for Playboy’s online platform

One former Nickelodeon star has confessed that fetish requests she gets after joining an adult content site were a “shock to the system” at first.

Madisyn Shipman sH๏τ to fame as Kenzie Bell in Game Shakers back in 2015, starring in more than 60 episodes of the hit kids’ show.

She’s also starred in everything from The Peanuts Movie to Saturday Night Live.

But with her last acting role coming in Call Me Kat back in 2022, she’s since turned her attention to other pursuits, forging a music career and signing up to Playboy’s digital content site to sell racy pictures.

Now she’s opened up exclusively to Daily Star about her content – and admitted she gets some pretty unusual requests from fans.

She confessed: “No judgment here, but I would say the unusual requests are usually related to certain fetishes. That was definitely a shock to my system. I prefer to keep my conversations with fans more PG.”

When it comes to misconceptions about the kind of content she creates, Madisyn confessed that people “ᴀssume she posts ɴuᴅᴇs”.

She explained: “The great thing about the Playboy platform is that they let creators decide how they want to express themselves and their Sєxuality. For me personally, the raciest my content ever gets is a pH๏τo in lingerie or a ʙικιɴι.

“I refuse to feel ashamed for embracing my body! It’s frustrating that people ᴀssume the only reason I’m successful is because I must be showing everything.”

She was first convinced to sign up to the new digital content site when one of her Nickelodeon pals signed up.

“I’ve always had a feeling of repression in relation to my body and my Sєxuality, so, in all honesty, joining Playboy had never even crossed my mind,” Madisyn said.

“One of my girlfriends from another Nickelodeon show started working for Playboy and invited me to a basketball game that Playboy was hosting out of the blue.

“I thought ‘what the hell, I’m going to go and have fun.’ So I went and the rest is history! I absolutely love working with Playboy and I’m so grateful for all the wonderful relationships I’ve created.”

Now nursing student Madisyn, 20, is one of the top creators on the platform and is able to fully fund her music career – releasing her latest hit single Flying Solo “without touching her savings”.

“Playboy is ICONIC! It is a privilege to work with the brand and the amazing people working behind the scenes. I never imagined I would join a paid content platform, but I’m so grateful I did.

“Playboy and I have a lot of new endeavours in the works, so stay tuned!” she teased.