OnlyFans model gives fans control of her life — so they make her dump her boyfriend

She’s letting her followers take the driver’s seat — and it’s one wild ride.

An OnlyFans model has let her followers decide her fate by posting polls online, and abiding to whatever the majority wished.

And It was all fun and games until they forced her to dump her now-ex beau.

The model, known as Laurie, doubles as a student and tennis player outside of her online front, and wanted to put her own spin on her OnlyFans content.

But she found herself disappointed when the saucy site wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

“I tried to engage in conversation, ask them questions, just get to know them a bit. But none of them responded to the messages,” she said of other creators. “I thought it was a shame that I couldn’t have a basic conversation with these content creators.”

Laurie, who grew up in Paris, said she likes to build relationships online via social media, but it became difficult for her to hold interesting discussions herself.

“I am very much solicited. Often [I receive] messages from insistent and weird guys. It’s hard to sort through them and find normal guys to talk with,” she said. “So I thought that maybe I have a little place for me on OnlyFans, a place where I could really be close to people but also give them all the details of my life.”

After searching for meaningful connections by sharing portions of her life with her devout followers, she used her Telegram account to host weekly, public polls, but only her OnlyFans subscribers can see the results.

“I guess I wasn’t very satisfied with my social and love life. So I thought I’d offer a few privileged people the chance to experience it with me,” she said.

“I thought it was better to let the voting access for free, so if someone wants to participate but doesn’t necessarily have the money, he can,” Laurie added. “On the other hand, he won’t have access to the exclusive pictures and videos, the possibility to submit polls or talk with me.”

Her followers gave Laurie the push she needed to get out of her comfort zone, like conquering her fear of heights by flying in a helicopter and even breaking up with her “toxic ex-boyfriend.”

“Thanks to my fans I decided to block my toxic ex-boyfriend,” Laurie added. “I did a night pH๏τo shoot on a tennis court. I did a helicopter tour while I’m afraid of heights. I even quit my internship where I was not fulfilled.”

While her polls aren’t always exciting — at times, she asks users to choose her lingerie for her next pH๏τo shoot — she said she “can’t wait” to see the results each time.

“I have no regrets, I don’t know yet where this experience will lead. I’ll leave it up to the fans to choose the next polls,” said Laurie, who is currently in the top 0.7% of creators on the platform and is using 25% of her profits to advocate for anti-bullying in schools, per the Mirror. “I’m excited to see where it all goes.”