Paige Spiranac rival Katie Sigmond leaves little to imagination while showing off sweaty bum in red-H๏τ snap

GOLF influencer Katie Sigmond has been making the most of the red-H๏τ Caribbean sun on her trip to the Bahamas.

The Paige Spiranac rival showed off her bum and tanned arms, taking a snap as she soaked up the rays earlier this week.

And she then shared the picture with her 3.2million followers.

It showed Sigmond sizzling by the ocean in a green ʙικιɴι.

And the social media phenomenon seemingly enjoyed herself, saying the “vibes” were “10/10” in the caption.

Katie has been posting frequent updates from her Bahamas vacation.

Besides working on her tan, the golf influencer shared a clip of herself snorkeling.

She documented her offroad excursion as she traversed the island on a motocross.

Katie also checked in from a local golf course where she played a round and posed in a buggy.

Sigmond has grown a huge audience, boasting over 10million followers between her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

She’s threaded a similar career path to Spiranac, posting golf tips as well as snaps and clips from risky pH๏τoshoots.

The 20-year-old’s following has already surpᴀssed Paige’s audience of 6million.

Katie has also gained some high-profile fans, including Louisiana State University star gymnast Olivia Dunne.

Livvy has even teamed up with the social media personality to shoot online content together.

Sigmond’s fame surged when she tried to send a golf ball flying to the other rim of the Grand Canyon last year.

The stunt reportedly cost her a $285 fine and led to two Class B misdemeanor charges.