Paige VanZant’s ‘Walmart feet’ have fans sickened as she lays sprawled out on bed

Ex-UFC fighter turned OnlyFans star Paige VanZant has left some of her Instagram fans feeling queasy after posting a snap showing off her ‘Walmart feet’ whilst being sprawled out on a bed

While she usually wows her millions of Instagram followers with saucy pH๏τos it seems as though former UFC star Paige VanZant has left her fans feeling a little queasy after her latest snap.

The blonde bombshell, who has now turned her hand to OnlyFans, is currently competing in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship after leaving the UFC back in 2020.

However, her latest Instagram snap did not exactly thrill her fans.

Whilst she pulled off a Sєxy pose with her arms in the air, fans were quick to notice the state of the 29-year-old’s feet, which looked rather dirty.

One fan commented on the post: “Walmart feet.” Another added: “Ok…H๏τ AF, but you have to wash them feet!! Damn. At least let them airbrush them clean. Killed the whole vibe!!”

A third wrote: “damn girl looks like you’ve been river dancing in a ashtray.”

A fourth commented: “I ain’t liking this pic cuz you got flinstone feet, but you’re still fine.”

Of course, there were plenty of her fans however who enjoyed the Instagram post, with over 50,000 followers liking the ‘Walmart feet’ snap.

VanZant has amᴀssed a gigantic following on Instagram, with the fighter boasting over three million followers.

After leaving the UFC back in 2020, VanZant signed with BKFC. However, in her first two fights of a four bout deal, she was defeated by Britain Hart and Rachael Ostovich, who she actually beat during her UFC days.

During her time with Dana White’s promotion, she went 8-5, losing her final fight against Amanda Ribas back in July 2020.

However, back in February, doubts were cast over her future with BKFC, with president David Feldman revealing to Mirror Fighting that VanZant’s lucrative OnlyFans income could see her walk away.

Feldman said: “She’s making a lot of money doing her other businesses and maybe she doesn’t want to do this anymore, I will find out this week.”