‘People call me husband stealer for bonking married men – but I like wives too’

EXCLUSIVE: Porn star and OnlyFans model Daisy May has revealed that women think that she likes to ‘steal’ husbands but in actual fact she likes to enjoy a married pair at the same time

Porn star Daisy May says married men love to bonk her – and their wives apparently like to join in at the same time.

The OnlyFans bombshell, who is a self-proclaimed ‘pink princess’, first got into the Sєx industry when she started out as a webcam model three years ago.

The 25-year-old juggled her “vanilla” job as a travel specialist as she started dipping her toes into the kinky industry.

But bored of selling villa holidays around the globe, Daisy decided to take the plunge after three months working as a cam girl.

She is now an OnlyFans model and adult actress – fully embracing her naughty side to learn what gets men and women going in the bedroom.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Daisy has exposed what turns up the heat in the bedroom – along with all their naughtiest kinks.

She said: “I post hardcore solo, fetish, lesbian, boy/girl, threesome and orgy content! I’ve also been cosplaying recently which is so much fun!

“I get a LOT of requests for domination, cuckolding and small penis humiliation.

“I’m a born dom so I really enjoy this! The weirdest request has probably been to Eskimo kiss another porn star (rub noses with each other).”

Although Daisy is engaging in Sєxual activity for her job, this doesn’t mean that she feels degraded.

The saucy model has shared that her career makes her feel “empowered.”

“I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist and am comfortable in my own skin.

“I’m lucky people love seeing me naked!”

Despite her empowering stance on her job, Daisy has claimed that women most likely think poorly of her.

“In reality women probably think I’m a husband stealer!

“To clarify, I enjoy husbands… but I enjoy the wives at the same time!

“I enjoy being a unicorn in the industry, so sharing husbands and wives. It’s always consensual and mutually agreed so no one gets jealous.

“I love swinging couples!”

Although Daisy has a love for joining pre-existing heteroSєxual marriages, she has remained single herself.

And, she prefers it that way.

She added: “I’m currently single, which I always get questioned on! The truth is that I enjoy the single lifestyle.

“There isn’t anything a boyfriend can do for me that a fellow porn star can’t!”

You can follow Daisy on Instagram here.