Playboy model ‘hates parading around in lingerie’ and feels more confident covered up

EXCLUSIVE: Francia James, who has racked up 11.4million followers for getting her kit off in public, claims she feels at her most confident in a dress and is shy when the camera is off

A Playboy model known for performing public skits in lingerie and body paint claims she feels at her most confident when she’s covered up.

Francia James, 32, modelled for the the racy mag back in 2019 and has never been one to shy away from flashing the flesh on camera – especially for her 11.4million Instagram followers.

She’s even been seen boarding public transport in nothing but lingerie or parading around the shops in body paint and a thong in the past.

But when the cameras are off, the OnlyFans star claims she is actually a shy person by nature and that she feels at her most confident covered up.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Francia said: “A lot of my social media posts are in lingerie and ʙικιɴιs but I don’t like to parade around like that.

“My character on Instagram, for the 10 to 15 seconds, may seem confident – but as soon as the camera is turned off I put on an overcoat if I’m in public.

“My most comfortable and confident posts are in a dress but those don’t really get the likes and watch time from my fans.”

The model, known under her username ‘Francety’, went on to say that people often believe she is more confident than she is because of her large fanbase.

But she believes her larger following has put her in the firing line of trolls to make vicious comments about her.

The cruel taunts resulted in her feeling more insecure than she did before her fame.

“You would think with a large social media presence I would be more confident however I don’t base my self-worth on that,” she said.

“Also the larger the social media you have the more ‘trolls’ you have, and the more people come on your page to drop mean comments.

“As much as I try to focus on the positive comments those mean ones can often sting. Some people seem to make it a life mission to write mean things.”

She also said that the comment ranking on Instagram posts means that any taunting comments made about her tend to be seen first because people find it funny.

She explained: “With comment ranking, a mean funny comment will get more likes and higher ranking so people seem to do it just for that to be seen.

“Even though I know they are making the comments for the attention it still can hurt at times.”