Primary school teacher who set up an OnlyFans account to support her family is FIRED from her job after bosses found out about the account

A much-loved teacher who was fired after her ɴuᴅᴇ pH๏τos were cruelly leaked from OnlyFans has shared how the ‘humiliation’ has made her even stronger. 

Sarah Juree, 41, taught primary age children science with Starbase, a collaboration between the US Defence Department and schools,  and lost her job for selling ɴuᴅᴇ pH๏τos on the adult-only platform.

The single mother told Daily Mail the pH๏τos had been protected by a paywall and that her ‘fans’ were required to message her to access them.

She said a ‘right-wing blogger’ had paid for the pH๏τos so he could send them to her boss and post the explicit images on Facebook and Twitter.

Within 24 hours, Ms Juree was hauled into a meeting and fired for posting OnlyFans content without the approval of the school.

‘I was traumatised and shell-shocked, I’ve never been fired before,’ she recalled.

‘I just wanted to get out of the building. I felt scared, fearful, hopeless and confused.

‘I don’t bother anybody, I take care of my kids, go to the gym and do my side jobs. I hadn’t done anything illegal, when I started my page I was celibate.’

To make matters worse, Ms Juree claims her boss had encouraged her to try OnlyFans and even gave her suggestions on how to make the most money.

‘He told me I could make a lot of money selling used panties,’ she revealed.

Ms Juree said his encouragement had been the final push she needed to dedicate more time and energy into her OnlyFans account.

The former teacher had planned to spend the month of July filming content for her page and promote it using her personal Facebook account.

‘It was no secret in the office that I had really been struggling financially. I had actually just moved into low-income housing,’ she explained.

However, her chance to finally break free of the poverty cycle came crashing down when her ɴuᴅᴇ pH๏τos became the talk of her small, тιԍнт-knit town.

Ms Juree suffered both emotionally and financially after she was fired, admitting she spent many nights ‘crying in the bathtub’ and had suicidal thoughts.

On top of working as a full-time teacher she had five side hustles including teeth-whitening, nutrition coaching and tutoring students outside school.

The single mother said she had exchanged ɴuᴅᴇ pH๏τos with men on dating apps for free for many years, but this had never concerned her employer.

‘Dating apps are packaged as dating, but it’s men manipulating woman for Sєx. Women are treated like Sєxual consumables,’ she said.

‘Men can send unsolicited dick pics, that’s socially and culturally acceptable and yet you never hear about men losing their jobs for that.’

‘They had an issue with me monetising it. I’m under a lot of stress, I don’t get child support, my parents are ᴅᴇᴀᴅ. I’m raising two kids on one income.’

However, months on from the ‘humiliating’ ordeal she has found peace with her situation and has returned to OnlyFans with a vengeance.

In six months the content creator has progressed from posting ɴuᴅᴇ pH๏τos to filming one ‘girl-on-girl’ scene and one ‘girl-boy’ scene, making thousands on the site.

‘My fans are seeing me go on this journey exploring my Sєxuality. I own my story and I own my power but I still want it to feel like I’m being true to myself,’ she said.

While she admits she wouldn’t have joined OnlyFans if teachers were paid a decent salary in the United States, she loves feeling empowered on the platform.

‘I have to reclaim my story, it’s all I have left,’ she said.

‘I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to other women, there’s a double standard between men and woman and how we explore our Sєxualities.

‘When somebody illegally uses pH๏τos to defame and humiliate them, it’s wrong.’

The OnlyFans creator recently became the host of the Circle City News podcast where she discusses Sєx work and the stigma surrounding OnlyFans.