Sєxy model selling ‘bodily fluid’ for £560 exposed to mum in awkward fan encounter

Dainty Wilder is in the top 0.01% of creators on OnlyFans, selling her X-rated videos and snaps to subscribers, as well as offering the option to purchase jars full of a mysterious liquid

A popular adult model who sells her ‘juice jars’ on OnlyFans has revealed how she was exposed for her work in front of her mum by an excitable fan.

Dainty Wilder is an Australian content creator who shares explicit clips and videos with subscribers on her OnlyFans account.

The model is in the top 0.01 percent of earners on the platform, and has claimed that she earns six figures every month from her X-rated work.

Now, speaking on the I’ve Got News For You podcast, Dainty described some of the unusual products she offered to fans and reflected on how her career choice had impacted on her relationships with her family.

Trying to figure out how Dainty had racked up such a considerable amount of cash, the podcast’s host asked: “You sell underwear for, I think it’s $190 AUD (roughly £105) a pair? Polaroid pictures, and jars of bodily fluid for $1,000 AUD (about £560), what is in the jars?”

Dainty confirmed the figures and laughed, before admitting that she is frequently asked the same question.

“It’s Dainty juice,” she responded. “If you’ve seen my videos you probably can ᴀssume what it is.”

“Everyone who has bought a jar also receives a video of how I fill them up.”

The X-rated performer admitted that what her fans do with the jar and its contents once they receive it is up to them, but acknowledged that she includes a ‘not for consumption’ warning on the label.

During the episode, Dainty also described how much of her time is taken up chatting to fans who have subscribed to her channel online.

But, she revealed that she had been forced to confront the reality of her private second life with her family when a follower had excitedly recognised her in public.

“I was out at brunch with my mum at the time and someone recognised me and came up to me, and was like, ‘oh my God, you’re Dainty Wilder’,” she remembered.

“I froze up because I hadn’t told my mum at this stage, and then I had to explain to her afterwards that that’s sort of my online persona.

“I was planning on telling her anyway, so I just explained it’s this online thing, I take Sєxy pH๏τos, I make Sєxy videos, and she was like, ‘okay I get it, I get it’.

“Her reaction was, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it, so she was really supportive’.”