The Alluring F1 Influencer on OnlyFans Captivates Fans, Prompting Them to Change Their Favorite Team While Sporting Provocative Lingerie Outfits

FANS have picked a new F1 team for OnlyFans and influencer Iesha Pirito to support.

The self-proclaimed ‘lil F1 spice’ was an avid fan of Ferrari but after teasing followers in a video, they have picked a new team for her.

In a TikTok post тιтled “pick your F1 girlfriend”, the stunning blonde tried on a number of team shirts while pairing them with some racy lingerie.

Among the teams, Pirito showcased a Ferrari shirt as well as clothing from McLaren, Red Bull, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Haas, Aston Martin, Alpha Tauri, Alpine and Williams.

Each of the team’s shirts was matched with colour-coordinated stockings, which sent her followers’ pulses racing.

And many were quick to pick her new team as none other than Haas.

One commented: “Haas the red and black clash so well.”

A second wrote: “Nice Haas.”

A third said: “Haas all the way.”

While a fourth added: “I know you want everyone to say Ferrari but omg Hᴀss is now my fav team.”

Iesha has over 240k followers on the video platform and regularly wows them with her raunchy F1-themed posts.

She has also amᴀssed over 40k followers on Instagram.

The OnlyFans star has recently climbed into the top 0.13 per cent of content creators on the adult website.

The Brit has also revealed that her content has attracted interest from some stars from motorsport and football.

She told the Daily Star: “I’ve had a few individuals involved in motorsport in my DMs.

“And a few footballers, but none of them have managed to ‘woo’ me just yet…”