‘The Black Tape Project’ or go out ‘clothed’ only with duct tape

In fashion, as in almost everything, there are many absurd trends, and the truth, I risk saying that we are facing one of them. There may be “daring” people who like it, but honestly, this is not “dress in fashion”, we can’t even talk about the verb “dress” as such …

If you do not know the new trend of going “dressed” only with duct tape, keep reading with us. We don’t promise you will like it, we just say it will surprise you.

Original idea of ​​the North American artist Joel Álvarez

Joel alvarez, creator of ‘The Black Tape Project’ he has been the creator of such an “original” trend.

All you have to do is grab a handful of duct tape and start “creating,” or pasting, on the naked bodies of women who volunteer. We can affirm that this tendency is to leave little to the imagination (little to say something).

According to the artist, what is intended with this new and risky trend is break the barriers still between fashion and art, using the sensuality of the human body and innovation for it.

The funny thing about all this is that we talk about the human body in general, and not the female body in particular, which is the one that has only been used so far in this new trend …

Currently, the artist is being contracted by organizations in private parties and discos to show off your “beautiful” designs with masking tape.

Catwalk or street?

If we see the images, they are certainly beautiful and striking designs at least, which could well serve to runway if what is intended with them is to show beauty and innovation.

On the contrary, we do not believe that the use of this trend in the streets is anywhere near adequate, since it would be like practically going naked on the streets.

And sorry, I correct the word “naked” as “naked”, because as we said before, for now, only women have been “dressed” …

Provocation? Naturalness? Art? Beauty? Sєxism? What is your opinion of this new trend? Mine, I think I have made it clear …