Top Brit Bengali adult star takes to rooftop for raunchy pH๏τoshoot in scorching sun

Top British Bengali adult star Yasmina Khan has set tongues wagging with her newest Instagram pH๏τo of her on a rooftop sunbed wearing very little in the way of actual clothing

Britain’s top Bengali adult star has been labelled the “Sєxiest” after posting raunchy pH๏τos of herself on a sunbed on a roof.

Yasmina Khan sH๏τ to fame last year when we revealed she was earning a whopping £250,000 from her x-rated exploits on OnlyFans.

The 26-year-old, who also admitted to having a Sєx dream about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak two weeks before he took on the top job, has been wowing her fans with some new snaps on her Instagram.

Khan has around 74,000 followers on the social media site, and they flocked to her latest post featuring her on top of a huge sunbed, while wearing nothing but a skimpy white ʙικιɴι.

It’s not clear exactly where she was, but the picture was taken in glorious sunshine, while Yasmina had her rear end in the air.

She captioned it: “Can’t wait to be in the sun again in a few weeks.”

And her fans went wild.

One wrote: “Oh my god, you are so Sєxy, I love your body.”

And a second commented: “You are the Sєxiest girl Yasmina.”

A third posted: “Suns out, bums out.”

The pH๏τo was liked 1,352 times, and several other comments labelled her “gorgeous” and “beautiful”.

Yasmina is used to the attention, however, after first going viral at the age of 17.

Khan was still a teenager when she posted on social media a picture of herself waving goodbye while sitting inside a car.

Posting under fake name “Abdulla Bin Raju” she wrote: “My mum caught me fingering myself and now I’m getting sent back to Bangladesh.

“Goodbye UK. I’ll miss you all.”

This was one of the first mᴀssively viral tweets on the platform, racking up thousands of retweets and likes.

Speaking exclusively about it to the Daily Star, Yasmina recalled: “I went viral, and I still have people messaging me about it.

“I was around 17 at the time – it was an absolute joke and didn’t happen, obviously.

“I was on LadBible, and I still get people asking me and calling me a ‘f****ng icon’.

“So, when I started doing OnlyFans, I was quite lucky because I had around 10,000 followers on Twitter because of it.

“It does pop up now and then, which gets people wondering, so it’s fun to be like ‘I’m a porn star now’.”