‘UK’s Most Inked Woman’ Dons Sultry Lingerie to Showcase £35k Worth of Tattoos

Becky Holt, famously known as Britain’s most tattooed woman, put on quite a Sєxy show to her 150,000 Instagram followers after treating them to a racy lingerie snap

Britain’s most tattooed woman Becky Holt left fans drooling with her latest post. The mum-of-one boasts 150,000 followers on Instagram where she shows off her inkings.

The influencer, who recently celebrated her 36th birthday, spent over £35,000 on her tattoos in the years. She first went under the needle at the age of 15.

Her ink sprawls from forehead to toe and she estimates to have covered around 95% of her skin in various designs. But she’s far from over…

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She often poses in lingerie snaps to give fans a good look at her lucrative tattoo collection. And her latest post is no different.

In an upload shared this week, Becky rocked the pink lingerie and teamed the look with immaculate makeup. She wore her luscious blonde locks in a curly do as she posed on her bed.

The pH๏τo managed to showcase almost her entire body which is covered in tattoos. Becky captioned the pH๏τo: “Drop the emojis of all your tattoos.”

And it’s safe to say that Becky commented with a series of emojis, including a skull, eye and dog. The mum has inked almost her entire body, as well as her armpits.

Thousands of Instagram followers rushed to show their love for the Cheshire lᴀss. One wrote: “Looking so beautiful and loving your tattoos.”

Another added: “Too many to count,” while a third commented: “What a woman.”

Back in April, the inked influencer teased a new tattoo as she posed in a blue lingerie set. The mum then went to her Instagram story to do a little Q&A with her followers.

One fan asked what’s the reason behind her incredible journey. Becky replied: “I just don’t do things by halves if I’m doing it, I’m going ham.

“I always loved body modifications and just looking different. I loved the way girls on the tattoo mags looked so powerful and that’s what inspired me to start getting tattoos.”

The influencer also told fans her dreams of posing on the front cover of Bizarre Magazine which she achieved in 2014.